IAFCF Accepting Applications for 2007 Fire Service Scholarships

Fire-service professionals who want to further their professional education may apply for educational scholarships with the International Association of Fire Chiefs Foundation (IAFCF). The IAFCF awards emergency-services scholarships to career and volunteer firefighters and fire explorers to further their education and knowledge to advance the fire service.

IAFCF provides financial assistance to emergency-services personnel for college-level study. The IAFC Foundation administers a scholarship program and awards grants once a year ranging from $500 to $5,000. The deadline for application is June 1, 2007.

Active fire-service personnel with at least two years paid or three years volunteer (or a combination of paid and volunteer) service with a state, county, provincial, municipal, community, industrial or federal fire department and who have demonstrated proficiency within the fire service or are fire explorers are eligible to apply for a scholarship to support tuition to a recognized institution of higher education.

“Every day, it becomes more and more evident that not only are our emergency responder’s key to the safety and well-being of our community, but that the skill set needed to serve communities is increasingly defined and technical,” said Foundation President Anthony Campisi.

For a list of 2006 scholarship award recipients and donors, go to www.iafcf.org. For an application, go to Scholarships on www.iafcf.org or contact Judy Kirk at 703/537-4830 or jkirk@iafc.org. If you are interested in supporting the foundation or want to help support first responders who wish to further their fire-service education, contact Judy.

Organized by the International Association of Fire Chiefs, the Foundation was chartered as a separate nonprofit organization in 1974. The primary purpose of the foundation is to promote higher education and research in the fire sciences and to provide this information to the fire-service community.

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