IAFF Joins the Fray in Orlando Firefighters’ Fight

Orlando, FL-On Friday, August 3, International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) President Harold Schaitberger, 12th District Vice President Dominick Barbera, and Local President Steve Clelland held a press conference at Orlando’s city hall calling for the city to admit that it covered up firefighters’ illnesses in an attempt to save money.

Four Orlando firefighters have accused the city of withholding crucial medical information that would have tipped them off to the presence of the disease many years ago. Other firefighters have joined them, filing a class action suit against the city. The IAFF has now joined the fight.

Schaitberger had requested a private meeting with the city’s mayor but was told she was on vacation at the time. He asked her to take action in the case and publicly requested that Florida Attorney General Bob Butterworth step in to conduct a thorough investigation and assume control of all city records connected to the matter. Schaitberger said the IAFF will commit its resources to force the city to do what is right in this matter. He asked that Orlando citizens get behind their firefighters.

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