IAFF Offers $ 1,000 Rewards For Conviction of Attackers

IAFF Offers $ 1,000 Rewards For Conviction of Attackers

The International Association of Fire Fighters is offering $1,000 rewards for information leading to the conviction of anyone who has caused the death or permanent injury of a fire fighter working during a civil disorder.

In announcing the rewards, IAFF President William S. Buck said that if more than one person supplies information about an incident, the reward will be divided up among those cooperating. However, if more than one fire fighter is killed or permanently disabled in a single incident, rewards will be paid for information about the assailants of each fireman.

The IAFF president said that the offer will expire at midnight, December 31, unless it is renewed or revoked prior to that date. The reward may not be claimed by any fire fighter or a member of a fire fighter’s family.

The union also is urging Congress to ‘ make it a federal offense to willfully interfere with a fire fighter performing his duties during a civil disorder.

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