IAFF Studies Feasibility Of Organizing Police

IAFF Studies Feasibility Of Organizing Police

President W. Howard McClennan of the International Association of Fire Fighters has appointed a committee of union officials to investigate the feasibility of an extensive organizing drive among police officers throughout the United States and Canada. If the committee finds that police personnel seem receptive to the IAFF, the union will very quickly announce a major organizing effort.

“The International Association of Fire Fighters,” McLennan said, “has 59 years of experience in representing the professional fire fighters of the United States and Canada. It would seem a logical step for police personnel to gain the benefits of this background knowledge in their collective bargaining efforts.

“In addition, the enrollment of large numbers of police officers in our organization would have the immediate effect of blunting the efforts to consolidate police and fire departments. Such consolidation has in the past proven hurtful to the interests of both police and fire personnel, and in addition has tended to reduce the quality of protection afforded citizens and their communities against crime, fire and natural disaster.

“The time seems to be at hand for a joining of the strength of the men and women who make up our police and fire services into one increasingly effective international union affiliated with the AFL-CIO and the Canadian Congress of Labor.”

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