IAFF Urges Research Funds

IAFF Urges Research Funds

The appropriation of $500,000 to activate the proposed National Commission on Fire Prevention and Control is “imperative,” Howard McClennan, president of the International Association of Fire Fighters has told a United States Senate appropriations subcommittee. He explained that the appropriation would permit the commission to start a study of more effective fire control and fire prevention methods.

“Each year, the accidental death, injury, and loss of property caused by fire in the United States is second only to the loss in automobile accidents,” the IAFF president told the subcommittee at a hearing on August 7.

The nation’s safety, he declared, requires an immediate start of programs authorized under the Fire Research and Safety Act of 1968.

Jack A. Waller, IAFF legislative representative, told the subcommittee that appropriations to implement the act, hopefully to the limit of $5 million, “is absolutely essential if fire protection in America is to be kept at the level of efficiency which the public has a right to expect.”

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