ICC ES Staff Reorganization Will Reduce Evaluation Report Turnaround Time

Organizational changes at ICC-ES will reduce the time it takes to complete evaluation reports and improve customer service. Under the experienced leadership of the new ICC-ES President, Shahin Moinian, ICC Evaluation Service has put in place a number of organizational changes to be able to respond to customers in new, innovative ways and increase the speed of the product evaluation process, while maintaining the highest technical quality in the industry.

Effective immediately, Gary Nichols, P.E., a long time ICC-ES leader, will head up all engineering activities as Vice President of Engineering at ICC-ES. Gary’s long experience with ICC-ES coupled with his high level of technical expertise with building products makes him the ideal leader for the ICC-ES engineering group. There will be regional managers overseeing daily activities of product evaluations.

In the Plumbing, Mechanical and Gas (PMG) operations of ICC-ES, Dawn LaFleur-Qualley will assume a leadership position as the Sr. Program Manager of that operation. Dawn’s many years of active operation management at IAPMO R&T makes her the perfect individual to handle the daily operations of this fast growing business unit of ICC-ES. Maribel Campos, the Director of Standards at ICC-ES PMG will continue her role and will handle the technical activities of this business unit for Dawn.

Michael Temesvary will lead the sales department as the Director of Sales and will continue the department’s daily activities.

Michael Beaton, Sr. Vice President, will handle building envelope activities (seal and insulate, wall covering, and roofing) as well as establishing processes related to new categories of product certification/evaluation.

“Our customers have an expectation their evaluation reports will be prepared on a prompt and predictable schedule,” said Moinian. “I want to exceed customer expectations, and these changes enable us to do that and more. In turn, our customers can get there products into use quicker, which has a positive impact on their bottom line.”


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