Jerome, Idaho.—The following officers were elected by the Idaho Firemen’s Association at its fifth annual convention held here:

President, R. W. Burroughs, Jerome; 1st Vice President, W. A. Foster, Boise; 2nd President, Julius Marker, Idaho Falls; Secretary L. B. Bedford, Rupert; Treasurer, J. C. Hutchinson, Buhl.

Trustees—H. W. Wells, Jerome; A. B. Canfield, Pocatello; E. Card, Preston.

Legislative Committee—J. C. Hutchinson, Buhl; Chas. Muller, Spirit Lake; E. Card, Preston.

President Burroughs presided over the meeting where a number of very interesting papers were read and several important topics taken up. It was decided to hold the next meeting in Boise.

Those who voted were:

R. W. Burroughs, Jerome; L. B. Bedford, Rupert; J. C. Hutchinson, Buhl; Julius Marker, Idaho Falls; Geo. R. Dunmyer, Idaho Falls; W. E. Gelling, Rupert; J. H. Gerity, Rupert; R. H. Stewart, Buhl; J. G. Nelson, Rupert; Chas. Muller, Spirit Lake; Geo. E. Crockett, Preston; W. A. Foster, Boise; T. W. Raine, Boise; W. R. Warrell, Twin Falls; J. S. Wright, Twin Falls; Chas. W. Ritchie, Twin Falls; Carl Withers, Rexburg; H. G. Soloman, Gooding; E. L. Stilson, Gooding; E. Card, Preston; L. M. Fisher, Burley; Jack Greenslate, Burley; Geo. Huntington, Burley; J. C. Watrous, Jerome; H. W. Ellis, Jerome; Paul McIntyre, Jerome; J. H. Widison, Paul; M. R. Bennett, Paul.

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