Idaho Firemen Meet

Idaho Firemen Meet

The Idaho annual fire school was held at Boise on June 14, 15 and 16. APproximately 150 fire fighters were in attendance.

William Gallows, director of Boise civil defense, spoke on the civil defense program.

A first aid demonstration was given by the Boise fire department followed by a talk on “Fire Prevention” by Jay W. Stevens, National Board of Fire Underwriters, San Francisco.

Idaho fire fighters attending annual school.

The Boise police department ran a film on civil defense and the atom bomb and Pat King of the Idaho Surveying and Rating bureau addressed the group on fire inspections in hospitals, maternity homes and homes for the aged.

The afternoon session included a demonstration on ladder practices by the Boise fire department at the drill tower; salvage and clean-up, by the department, and Howard M. Cullimore, Snake River Mutual Fire Insurance company, Idaho Falls, discussed volunteer fire departments.

A demonstration on gasoline, liquefied gas and all inflammable liquids was given by Oliver Johnson, fire prevention engineer of Standard Oil company, and a liquefied gas fire demonstration by Liquefied Gas corporation of Boise and the fire department.

The program included a talk by Sandor S. Klein on public relations pertaining to the fire departments, and purpose of teacher’s training for firemen by Sam Glenn of the State Board of Vocational Education.

Klein urged cooperation with the press in making facts known concerning fire, fire prevention and infractions of fire regulations. The best sort of public relations is in having an efficient department, he said. He suggested the setting up of an award system for firemen in each city whereby each year firemen would be given an award for bravery or meritorious service.

Demonstrations by rural volunteer fire departments were given and the Boise fire department demonstrated ventilation practices.

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