Indianapolis (IN) Fire Department Recognizes Firefighters, Mayor, Partners

Indianapolis (IN) Mayor Greg Ballard (at right in photo 1, below) was presented with an award last week by the Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD) honoring the “Unknown Heroes” of the Indiana State Fair Collapse on August 13, 2011. Graciously accepting the award on behalf of the “citizens of Indianapolis,” the mayor was honored to acknowledge the efforts of so many who performed selfless acts of bravery the night of the collapse. Mayor Ballard was on hand at the 20th Annual Indianapolis Fire Department’s Recognition Banquet both as a speaker and presenter. The event was held Friday January 20, 2012 at the Indiana Roof Ballroom.


Mayor Ballard stated: “I am honored to accept this award in recognition of all those unnamed individuals who risked their lives to save others and proudly display it for all to see.”

Throughout the evening, more than 80 awards were given to IFD Firefighters, civilian employees, and community partners such as National Starch, Citizen’s Energy Group, and State Farm Insurance.


IFD Chief Brian Sanford (at right in photo 2, above) was given the prestigious Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) award presented by the Editor of Fire Engineering Magazine/PennWell Publishing, retired Chief Robert Halton (at left, photo 2). Jo and Spencer Moore were also on hand to help recognize the efforts of the firefighters who responded to the tragic shooting of their son, IMPD Officer David Moore.

The Indianapolis Fire Department is committed to providing the most comprehensive service to the citizens it serves. Through its external efforts with education, prevention, and victim’s assistance, the IFD regards the safety of the residents of Indianapolis our highest priority. Internally, the department maintains that firefighter life safety, training, continued health and education is its #1 responsibility to ensure that “everyone goes home safe.” However, the IFD recognizes that it cannot accomplish this mission without the great community partnerships it maintains and would like to again congratulate all the recipients of awards at the IFD Recognition Ceremony.

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