Ignoring the Chiefs’ Association

Ignoring the Chiefs’ Association

In the promulgation of the “National (American) Standard Fire Hose Coupling Screw Thread,” much literature on which the three “Sponsor Organizations,” the National Board of Fire Underwriters, the American Water Works Association and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, has recently issued, only a very incidental mention is made of the part the International Association of Fire Engineers has had in this work. To be sure the name of the association is printed, among seventeen other bodies, as having endorsed the thread as adopted.

But why was the chiefs’ national association not included in the sponsor organizations? It would seem that the one association that should have been represented on a committee to establish a standard thread would have been the representative one of the fire chiefs. The original agitation on this subject was begun bv the National Association of Fire Engineers, as the I. A. F. E. was then called, at its first convention in 1872, and the greater part of the preliminary work in this important step was accomplished by the association.

We wonder, therefore, why the I. A. F. If. was not invited to take part in the final work of perfecting this great accomplishment. Not only is the fire chief the one man most vitally concerned in hose coupling thread standardization, but he knows well what is required in pushing this work to completion and his cooperation is essential to its ultimate success. The choice of a standard thread is one thing, but its general adoption throughout the country is quite another.

The chief is intimately acquainted with the problems that are entailed in the introduction of the standard thread. He knows the reasons for the local prejudice against its adoption, and how best these prejudices of the local authorities—whether originating from financial reasons, stubbornness or otherwise—can best be overcome. He is in daily contact with this condition and knows from experience how to handle it. Then, too, if the fact had been made known that the chosen thread was sponsored by the I. A. F. E., it would have been an invaluable aid in pushing its general adoption.

There must be a mistaken notion among outsiders that the National Board of Fire Underwriters, which represents the insurance interests, is the leading organization of the fire-fighting field, which it is not, and it is high time that the International Association of Fire Engineers took some steps toward getting the recognition that its foremost position in fire prevention matters demands.

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