Illinois Firemen Hold Convention

Illinois Firemen Hold Convention

Albert Hasse, president of the Illinois Firemen’s Association, presided at the forty-third annual convention held in Peru, I11. The address of welcome was made by Hon. E. N. Woodruff, mayor of Peoria. To this President Hassee responded.

Sidney Firestone, Manager of the Industrial Naptha Sales of the Anderson-Prichard Oil Corporation presented a paper on “Fire Hazard of Cleaning Solvents.” A paper on “Fire Protection and Prevention in Institutions was presented by Harry P. Nacey, President, Illinois Fire Prevention Association, Chicago. Simon Kellerman, 3rd, city attorney of Edwardsville spoke on “Legal Problems as Affecting the Fireman.” Ira G. Hoagland, Secretary, National Automatic Sprinkler Association, New York City, gave a talk on “Automatic Water Control of Airplane Hangar Fires.” The talk was illustrated by motion pictures.

The memorial services took place on Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday morning, there was a paper by an engineer of the National Board of Fire Underwriters on “Ladder Work and Hose Streams.” Alex. Van Pragg, Commissioner ot Public Health and Safety, Decatur, spoke on “What Has the Illinois Firemen’s Association Done and What Is It Doing for Firemen of Illinois?” It was discussed by several members present.

In the afternoon there was a discussion on the short fire school course, led by Asst. Chief Roy W. Alsip of Champaign. Hon. S. L. Legreid, fire marshal of Illinois spoke on “Gasoline, Its Use, Etc.” The first aid team of the Western United Gas & Electric Company under the direction of Chief Albert Herring, Murphysboro, who trained them, presented a first aid demonstration.

At the banquet in the evening, J. B. Elder, Deputy State Fire Marshal spoke on “Inspections.”

The new officers of the association are Fred P. Had_____rlein, Carlyle, President; Joe Valentine, Rock Island, Vice-President; Roy W. Alsip, Champaign, Secretary; Simon Kellerman, Jr., Edwardsville, Treasurer; Elmer W. Weidler, Historian, Mt. Olive.

The executive board consists of Albert Hasse, Peru; S. T. Lowry, Decatur; A. Pasavento, Joliet; M. J. Myers, Mt. Pulaski; George Knol, Cicero; Louis Reich, Riverdale; Frank J. Ruthowski, Steger, and Albert Herring, Murphysboro.

To Start on Chicago Fire Patrol Building.—Work will start soon on a fire patrol building in Chicago to cost $75,000. It will be two stories high and will be constructed of face brick. The dormitory will accommodate sixteen men. The Chicago fire patrol was organized in 1874.

Eighteen Promoted in N. Y. Departments—Eighteen men were promoted in the New York Fire Department, two captains were made battalion chiefs, four lieutenants were advanced to captain, nine firemen promoted to lieutenants and two were made firemen pilots. The nine firemen made lieutenants are World War veterans.

This Country is Short Another Brewery Twenty pieces of fire apparatus were rushed to Staten Island to help the fire department in that borough to fight a fire that raged for three hours in a brewery at Stapleton. Through the good work of the manager of the plant, the firemen were saved the necessity of suffering from ammonia fumes. He braved the flames in order to close the ammonia valve.

Illinois Firemen Hold Convention


Illinois Firemen Hold Convention

The forty-second annual convention of the Illinois Firemen’s Association was held in Joliet, Ill., September 10-12 President Albert Hasse of Peru presided at the meetings. Mayor George S. Sehring welcomed the visitors. “How to Maintain and Run a Volunteer Fire Department,” by Chief E. W. B. Sparks of Bushnell was the first paper presented.

In the afternoon, Chief George R. Ward, Division of Fire Prevention, St. Louis, spoke on “Training New Firemen.” He was followed by Chief Albert Herring. Murphysboro, with a paper on “Our Obligation to the Exhibitors.” This was printed in the September 18 issue of FIRE ENGINEERING. John G. Gamber, former state fire marshal of Illinois, spoke at the meeting. Clarence Goldsmith, assistant chief engineer. National Board of hire Underwriters, Chicago, gave a talk on “Eire Department Operations.”

The following morning, shortly after the meeting convened. the members stood with bowed heads in memory of Mr. Thode who died that morning. C. W. Hauth of the Illinois Inspection Bureau, Chicago, addressed the convention. A paper prepared by Chief John Hawk of Moline on “Our Two Per Cent Foreign Insurance Tax,” was presented.

In the afternoon, S. L. LeGried, state fire marshal spoke on “The New Illinois Arson Law and Our Arson Squad.” Senator Martin Carlson of Moline addressed the meeting on “Pension laws.” Percy Bugbee, assistant managing director, National Fire Protection Association was the last speaker for the afternoon.

On Thursday morning, J. E. Allen, engineer, Boyer Fire Apparatus Company, Logansport, Ind., spoke on “Pumpers in Fire Fighting Service,” and John Byers of Dixon, also addressed the members.

The new officers elected are Albert Hasse, Peru, president; Fred P. Haderlein, Carlyle, vice-president; Roy W. Alsip, Champaign, secretary; Simon Kellerman, Jr., Edwardsville. treasurer; Elmer W. Weidler, Mt. Olive, historian. The executive board is to consist of Thomas J. Ruddy, Joliet; M. J. Myers, Mt. Pulaski; Pearl Smith, Madison; Sam Hunt, Jacksonville; Louis Reich, Riverdale; Albert Herring, Murphysboro; Joe Valentine, Rock Island, and Harry Hossutt, LaSalle.

The convention next year will be held in Peoria, Ill.