Illinois Firemen Meet in Murphysboro

Illinois Firemen Meet in Murphysboro

Chief Albert Herring of Murphysboro, Ill., was host to the firemen of the state when the Illinois Firemen’s Association held its forty-fourth annual convention there September 8-10. It marked the fourth time that the city entertained the state firemen.

The registration showed an attendance of 348 firemen. Among the honored guests present were Chief John M. Evans, of New Orleans, La., Hon. John C. Schillein of Wooster, Ohio, Chief Ryan of Chicago and Harry K. Rogers, the Fire Clown.

Exhibits at Convention of Illinois Firemen’s Association Held in Murphysboro, Ill.

Memorial services were held at the First M. E. Church and a smoker at the Elks’ Club. John G. Gamber, former state fire marshal, spoke at the annual banquet held at the Centenary M. E. Church.

Many entertainment features were arranged for the ladies. Mrs. Herring and the members of the Ladies Committee had provided a varied program.

In connection with the convention, there was an interesting display of exhibits at no cost to the manufacturers who displayed their merchandise.

Illinois Firemen Meet in Murphysboro

Illinois Firemen Meet in Murphysboro

The thirty-seventh annual convention of the Illinois Firemen’s Association was held at the Hippodrome Theater, Murphysboro. Illinois, January 13, 14, 15. President Thode called the convention to order. Chief of Police Joseph Boston presented the President with a huge gilded key to the city. The address of welcome was by Hon. H. H. Burch, Secretary Chamber of Commerce. Specially designed badges were presented to the officers, State Fire Marshal John G. Gamber and F. L. Harris, Division Passenger Agent M. & O., who arranged for the special train from East St. Louis to Murphysboro and return.

On the afternoon of January 13 Theo. E. Simmons, Danville, delivered an address, “The Educational Value of the Firemen’s Convention,” and “The Training of Firemen” was discussed by L. L. Wolf, Cincinnati, Ohio.

In the evening memorial services were held at the First M. E. Church. There were 46 deaths reported by the Necrology Committee for the year 1924. Addresses were delivered by President Thode, Galena; H. W. Shryock. President Southern Illinois Normal University, Carbondale; Thos. R. Johnstone, Indianapolis, Indiana. Appropriate music was furnished and tributes were paid to the deceased firemen during the services by members of the association.

On the morning of January 14 the report of Secretary Roy Alsip was read showing a membership of 300 fire departments in good standing, 53 past officers and 11 associate members— a gain of 5 in total membership for year 1924. Report of Treasurer F. E. Danner showing a balance in the treasury January 13, 1925, of $1920.93, about $900 more than a year ago.

Chief Herring addressed the Association calling attention to the largest and most complete display of fire fighting equipment ever placed on exhibition for the Firemen of Illinois.

Thos. R. Johnstone delivered an address, “The Fire Department and Fire Prevention Methods of Foreign Countries.” He visited fire departments in Germany, Bavaria, France, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. He said Germany has a fire loss of 59 cents per capita, Great Britain 33 cents, France 37 cents, and in the United States it is $5 per capita. Many countries have a morning drill and departments have ten men in a company and the double platoon system. In Hamburg the Firemen all live within a large court, well guarded at the entrance, with modern homes for the married men and dormitories for the single men.

On the afternoon of January 14 there was a report of delegates to the National Firemen’s Association at Lima, Ohio. A letter was read from E. W. Barkman, Decatur, one of the charter members 37 years ago, who regretted his inability to be present and wished the convention success. Mr. Wolf continued his address and demonstrations. The remained of the afternoon was spent at the exhibit hall.

In the evening a banquet was served to 500 guests. An orchestra and vocalists entertained during the evening and many entertaining addresses were delivered. Chief Albert Herring was presented with a gift of $100 from his friends in appreciation of his untiring efforts in behalf of the convention.

On the morning of January 15 Mr. Myers, Chairman Resolutions Committee, read a resolution to change date of annual convention. Not adopted. Several resolutions were referred to the Legislative Committee. A resolution was submitted to raise the Secretary’s salary to $300 and another to have three vice presidents instead of nine, both to be acted on next year. It was suggested a short course on fire prevention and control be established at the State University.

Kewanee was selected for the 1926 convention city. Tournament city to be decided by the Executive Board. Dan C. Bennett. American-LaFrance Fire Engine Company, Chicago, delivered an address “The Proper Care of Chemical Apparatus and Extinguishers.”

The following officers were elected: President, Pearl Smith, Madison; Vice-President. Thos. J. Ruddy, Joliet; Secretary. Roy Alsip. Champaign; Treasurer, F. E. Danner, Mt. Pulaski; Historian, E. W. Weidler, Mt. Olive. Executive Board. A. W. Thode, Galena; Simon Kellerman, Jr., Edwardsville: Sam Hunt, Jacksonville; Fred P. Haderlein, Carlyle: Albert Herring. Murphysboro; L. Connole, Venice; A1 Hasse, Peru; Otto Reiche, Naperville; W. Campbell. Kewanee. Delegates to the National Firemen’s Association, M. J. Rogan, Venice, and Chas. De Rousse, Granite City.

New Head of Chestertown, Md., Department—Fred S. Russell was recently appointed as chief of the Chestertown, Md., fire department.