Illinois Firemen s Report of Proceedings

Illinois Firemen s Report of Proceedings

The report of the proceedings of the 32nd, annual convention of the Illinois Firemen’s Association has been received and proves to contain much of interest. The convention assembled at Murphysboro in January and had a large attendance, who had the privilege of listening to a great many speeches and papers, some of which were wise, some witty and some a little of both. Mr Lister, city attorney of Evansville, presented a report on the bill introduced in the legislature for securing a pension fund for volunteer fire companies and said that although it was defeated at that time, there was actually strong sentiment in its favor among the members of the legislature and that it would be introduced again the next session, with every probability of success.

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He urged the firemen, however, not to relax their efforts to secure its passage. The paper by D. J. Price, engineer in charge of investigation of grain dust explosions, of Washington, D. C., a paper by E. W. Weidler of St. Hine on “Why Volunteer Firemen Should be Protected by Pension or Benefit Law” and Fire Marshal Gamber’s talk on “Duty as Public Officials” were among those of especial importance. The officers elected were the former secretary, Walter E. Price of Champaign as president, Albert Hasse of Peru as 1st vice-president, Albert Herring of Murphysboro as secretary, F. E. Dan ner of Mt. Pulaski as treasurer, and Simon Kelleman of Edwardsville as historian.

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