Illinois Holds 4-Day Fire School

Illinois Holds 4-Day Fire School

Lecture room facilities at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, were taxed to the utmost by the 542 men who registered for the fifteenth annual Fire College, June 13 to 16. Sessions were held each day from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with baseball as relaxation each day, following the afternoon meetings. At 7 p.m., there was a gathering to review the events of the day and to plan the work of the following day.

A memorial service was held, under the direction of Harry K. Rogers, for the late Sherman V. Coultas, who as Fire Marshal, was particularly active in furthering the college.

Beside the question of handling larger registrations, and the added number that is expected next year, the School Committee is considering the publication of a school proceedings, so that each student can have a copy of the talks and the discussions. Lack of funds has prevented the publication of a proceedings prior to this. The college next year will be held June 11 to 14, with L. H. Provine, Director of the Fire College.

The following took part in the program:

John Mersch, Evanston; Elmer W. Weidler, President, Illinois Firemen’s Association, Mt. Olive: George H. Anderson, Assistant Fire Marshal. Illinois; A. H. Vineyard, Safety Engineer, Shell Petroleum Corporation, Wood River; J. R. Fleming, Mine Safety Appliance Company, Pittsburgh; Chief Earl Shephard, Marine; A. H. Gent, Engineer, Illinois Inspection Bureau, Chicago.

Chief Walter A. Finklein, Belleville; J. Burr Taylor, AVestern Actuarial Bureau, Chicago; Chief John E. Hutchins, Macomb; Chief John Link, Blue Island; Chief Connel Nicol, Sterling; Chief E. J. Ryan, Aurora, Chief R. E. AVhalen, Elgin; Mike Thomso, State Highway Police; Harry N. AVolft, Bureau of Fire Instruction, Chicago Fire Department; Chief Frank Davis, Danville.

Clarence Goldsmith, Assistant Chief Engineer, National Board of Fire Underwriters; C. A. Herbert, District Mining Engineer, Vincennes, Ind.; James McSherry; Chief Fred Haderlein, Carlyle; R. C. Loughead, Chief Engineer, Michigan Inspection Bureau, Detroit; Richard E. Vernor, Manager, Fire Prevention Department, Western Actuarial Bureau, Chicago; Anthony J. Mullaney, Deputy Chief, Chicago.

District Chief Joe Schaefer, Memphis; Fire Marshal R. E. Whalen, Elgin; Chief Elmer Dicke, Downers Grove; Chief AValdo Erickson, Western Springs; Chief Tom Brooks and Chief Thad Fife of the State Fire Marshal’s office; Chief Harry Kuehnen, Staunton; Sid Ulrich, Peoria; Dr. David J. Price, Bureau of Chemistry and Soils, U. S. Department of Agriculture; Chief Dan McFarland, Mt. HopeFunk’s Grove Fire Protection District, McLean; Simon Kellermann, Ill.; Chief Charles Foucek, Naperville; Paul Johnson, Oregon.

Chief William R. Stoneham, Wood River; Horatio Bond, Chief Engineer, N. F. P. A.; T. Alfred Fleming, Director of Conservation, National Board of Fire Underwriters and G. M. Kintz, Dallas Office, U. S. Bureau of Mines.

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