Illinois Passes Wage Bill

Illinois Passes Wage Bill

A minimum wage bill for firemen has been made a law in Illinois without the Governor’s signature.

By the terms of the new law, there will be a minimum salary of $150 a month for firemen in cities, villages or incorporated towns of between 10,000 and 25,000 population, and $175 a month in cities of from 25,000 to 150,000 population.

A number of Illinois Mayors protested such a step, and the veto of a companion measure that provided for an increased corporate tax without giving the citizens an opportunity to vote on the subject.

Governor Florner said, “While generally I do not subscribe to the policy of the legislature establishing minimum wages for municipal employees, I am convinced by the statement of some Mayors, that a number of citiese have failed to compensate fairly those in such perilous life-saving vocations as the Police and Fire Departments.

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