American Water Works Men Hear Two Interesting Papers Read—Baltimore’s Water Supply Problem—Welding a Cracked Pipe Underground

THE first out-of-town meeting of the year was held by the New York Section, American Water Works Association, at the Ten Eyck Hotel. Albany. N. Y„ on Saturday. September 26. Some seventy members sat down to luncheon at one p. m. At its conclusion President Burt B. Hodgman rapped for order and opened the meeting. He compared the attendance at the luncheon unfavorably with that at the recent annual meeting of the North Carolina Section of the association and urged those present to work hard to bring more members out at the next meeting. In this connection, he said, some one had suggested that up-state meetings of the section be hereafter lengthened to two days’ sessions, on the ground that the plan would bring out a larger number. This proposition would, of course, rest with the board of governors to decide.

Burt B. Hodgman, President, New York Section, A. W. W. A.

Mr. Hodgman called upon Harry F. Huy, president of the American Water Works Association, who made a short address, asking the earnest cooperation of the members in the work of the association. Beekman C. Little also made a short address at the request of the chair. He referred to the newly issued Manual of Water Works Practice and urged that eery member not only purchase a cony but also freely criticize it, for the betterment of future editions.

How Baltimore Solved Its Shortage Problem

The first paper of the afternoon was by V. Bernard Siems, water engineer of Baltimore, Md., and was a detailed description of how Baltimore met a problem in water supply caused by excessive drouth. The paper was illustrated by lantern slides. The paper was not discussed.

Welding a Cracked Pipe Underground

The second paper was by William W. Brush, deputy chief engineer of the New York City department of water supply, gas and electricity. It was also illustrated by lantern slides and was on the subject “Welding a Cracked 48-Inch Cast Iron Pipe Under Twenty Feet of Whiter.”

(Note—Excerpts from both of these papers will appear in subsequent issues of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING.-EDITOR.)

Mr. Brush’s paper was freely discussed by several of the members present, among whom were Harry F. Huy, general manager Western New York Water Company, Buffalo, N. Y.; Beekman C. Little, superintendent Rochester N. Y., water bureau; Reeves C. Newsom, water commissioner. Lynn, Mass.; George C. Andrews, water commissioner, Buffalo, N. Y.; William A. McCaffrey, superintendent water department, Oswego, N. Y.; J. Walter Ackerman, city manager, Watertown, N. Y„ and others.

In reply to a question Mr. Brush took occasion to refer to the accounts in the daily press of the recent breaks in mains in New York City. The breaks, he said, owing to their situations, had proved of considerable news value and the newspapers had made the most of them. A break in a large main that held up traffic in the subway or interfered with business and travel on Fifth Avenue, provided the newspapers with stories for their columns. As a matter of fact there had been no more breaks in New York mains this year than in any previous one. It was no wonder pipes gave way under conditions in New York City’s sub-surface. The support of the pipe may be weakened by further excavations for other purposes, the pipe may sink upon a sharp rock, causing unusual stress upon certain portions of the pipe’s surface, or joints may be loosened by subsidence of the soil and so on.

J. Walter Ackerman dcscrilicd the use of split sleeves and stuffing boxes in repairing a break in an old line which had been transformed from a siphon to a force main. This repair had been successfully carried out. but had necessitated the workers practically donning bathing suits, as it was a very wet job.

Quick Work in an Emergency Supply

Reeves J. Newsom told of an emergency job to supply the city of Peabody, Mass., with water from the Lynn supply. A supply main had to be worked considerably over its normal capacity. Peabody, a city of some 25,000 population, needed the water quickly, owing to its own supply being exhausted by extreme drought prevailing. In order to raise the pressure to 40 lbs. in the supply main to Peabody the Lynn department purchased a motor and pump from the town of Waterville, Mass. While awaiting the pump necessary connections were made and when it arrived everything was in readiness to set it up. It took altogether about three weeks to put this system in operation. The entire pressure was used in delivering the water and when the pump was shut down there was no pressure. There was also much complaint as to noise from water hammer from residents living near the pump. A 2-inch line was tapped in and carried parallel to the 8-inch line. The noise then became negligible, and the connection also prevented freezing in winter.

The incident happened when the water supply of Lynn was very low and they were compelled to fall back upon their reserve. As the pump was very severly taxed a duplicate installation was ordered and the difficulty was solved.

There being no further discussion the meeting then adjourned. In the late afternoon many members took advantage of automobiles provided and visited the new Albany filter plant under construction, under the pilotage of Allen Hazen, consulting engineer of the plant, and members of the Albany water department.

The following is a list of those present at the meeting:


J. Walter Ackerman. City Mgr., Watertown, N. Y.; Lee F. Adams, Schenectady, New York: Louis P. Allen, Supt. Cons. W. Co., Utica, N. Y.; George C. Andrews, Water Coin., Buffalo, N. Y.; Harold W. Baker, 26 City Hall, Rochester, N. Y.; R. D. Bates, Asst. San. State Dept, of Health. Albany N. Y.; F. E. Beck, Chief Engr., Consolidated W. Co., Utica, N. Y.: Chas. R. Bettes, Gen. Mgr.. L. I. Water Corp., Far Rockaway. N. Y.: J. L. Brodie, W. Thompson & Co., Buffalo, N. Y.: Wm. W. Brush, Deputy Ch. Engr. Water Dept., New York; Wm. A. McCaffrey. Supt. w. W., Oswego, N. Y.; Arthur T. Clark, Supt. W. W., Herkimer. N. Y.: Thomas R. Clark, Cons. Water Co., Utica. N. Y.: Chas. R. Cox. Asst. San., N. Y. S. Dept, of Health, Albany, N. Y.; Wendell J. Erickson, Asst. San., N. Y. State Dept, of Health, N. Y.; William F. End, Supt. Bureau of Water, Troy, N. Y.; Wm. F. Field, Cons. Engr., Watertown, New York; F. H. Hapgood, Resident Engr., Hazcn & Whipple; Geo. C. Hodges. Consolidated Water Co., Utica. N. Y.: C. A. Holmquist, Chief Engr., N. Y. State Dept, of Health, Albany.

Theo. Horton. Albany, New York; Allen Hazen. Cons. Supt., New York City: H. F. Huy, Gen. Mgr., Western N. Y. Water Co.; H. J. Kirciter, Albany, New York; Beekman C. Little, Supt. W. Wks., Rochester. N. Y.; A. J. Merrill, Supt. W. W., Johnson City, N. Y.; Harry B. Miles, Utica, New York; C. H. Morris, New Brunswick, N. J.; Albert Noeltner, Consolidated W. Co., Utica, N. Y.: Reeves, J. Newson, Com. of W. Supply, Lynn, Mass.; W. M. Niesley, Asst, to Sect’y., A. W. W. A., New York: Alexander Orr, Ch. Eng., Gloversville, W. W., N. Y.; Duke Owens. Consolidated Water Co.. Utica, N. Y.: Fred W. Schwartz, 437 Hamilton St.. Albany, N. Y.; Rossiter S. Scott, Nicholas S. Hill. Jr.. N. Y. City: V. Bernard Siems, Water Engr., Baltimore, Maryland: Caleb M. Saville, Mgr. & Engr. W. W. Hartford, Conn.; Russell Sitter Water Control Comm., Albany. N. Y.; W. D. Tiedernan, Asst. Sanit. State Dent, ef Health. Albanv, X. Y.: Leonard M. Wachter, N. Y State Dept. Health. Albany. N. Y.: Robert C. Wheeler, Barker & Wheeler, Fogrs.. Albany. N. Y.: Warren W. White, Asst. Engr., Consolidated W. Co.. Utica. N. Y.: Thus. H. Wiggin, Cons. Engr., N. Y. City: G. K. Willcomb. Sanitary Engr., Albany, N. Y.: R. G. Yaxley, Supt., Waterford W. W., N. Y.


V. E. Arnold. Dist. Mgr.. Pittsburgh Meter Co., New York C, H. Becker. R D. Wood & Co., Philadelphia. Pa.: R. K Blanchard. Neptune Meter Co., New York: Harold Burgess, Ludlow Valve Mfg, Co., Troy, N. Y.; E. D. Case, Vice-Pre-. Pitometer Co.. New York; E. S Cole, Pres. Pitometer Co.. New York: R. W. Cnnrow. Central Foundry Co., New York: Richard V. Donnelly. Paradmi Eng Co., L. I. City. N. Y.; Ralph Gumaer. Mueller Co., Decatur. I11.; O. P. Hanks, Hersey Mfg. Co.. New York City: Burt B. Hodgman. National W, Main Cleaning Co.. N. Y.; H. A. Holmes. Eddy Valve Company, Waterford. N. Y.: Edward W. Hopkins, Neptune Meter Co.. New York; E. W. Jacobs. Union Water Meter Co., 50 Church St., N. Y.: Robert H. Lockwood, FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, New York: Genre McKay, Leadite Co., Phila., Penn.: W. P. Mosteller, U. S. C. I P. & Fdry. Co.. Phila., Pa.: L, J. Peek. Wallace & Tiernan Co.. Service Engr : Gilbert H. Pratt, Wallace & Tiernan Co. Newark. N J.: D. J. Purdie, Builders Iron Edry., 25 Church St. New York: A. V. Ruggles, U. S. C. I. Pipe & Fdry, Co., Cleveland. Ohio: Wm. Schenstrom, Elec. Welding Co. of Amer. (Guest of Wm Brush): W. C Sherwood. Hersey Meter Co New York; E. B. Showell. Jr.. De Port Royon Co., Buffalo. N. Y.: C. G Smith, IngersollRand Co., Albany, N. Y,: J. S. Ten Eyck. Rensselaer Valve Co., New York: J. W. Turner, Pittsburgh Meter Co., New York: R. W Turner, Rensselaer Valve Co.. New York: D. C. Walker. Geo. F. King Co., N. Y. City: John S. Warde, Rencsselaer Valve Co., New York.

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