Improved New Cup Pipe Joint

Improved New Cup Pipe Joint

A new pipe joint known as the Ferguson Cup Joint and method of its manufacture has been patented by Frank Ferguson, Charleston, W. Va., and assigned to Emery E. Ferguson, former superintendent of the water works of that city. This joint, which is intended to supersede the ordinary wiped joint, consists of the expansion of the end of the lead pipe to form a cup, into which the fitting is inserted and into the sides of which molten solder is poured, thus making a tight joint without the necessity of the “wiping” operation. The accompanying illustrations give a very good idea of the salient operations necessary in forming the joint. Fig. 1 shows a piece of lead pipe and Fig. 2 the pipe with the end expanded, ready to receive the fitting. Fig. 3 illustrates the method of pouring the joint, after the fitting is in place. Fig. 4 shows the completed joint and Fig. 5 is a gooseneck with one of the new joints at each end.

Details of New Cup Joint for Pipe.

A piece of plain lead pipe 1, is expanded by means of a die to produce a flaring, bell shaped portion, 2, as shown in Fig. 2. Any desired fitting may be used, the only requirement being that it be provided with a nipple portion somewhat longer than the flared end of the lead pipe, and be of the same size as the unexpanded portion of the pipe, so as to make a tight joint. In Fig. 3 is shown a fitting consisting of an ordinary hexagonal head 3, provided with a screw threaded opening, 3a, and having a smooth nipple, 4. After tinning the nipple, and inserting it into the flared portion of the lead pipe, preferably held in a vertical position, the solder is then poured into the space thus formed, and a tight joint is formed.

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New Improved Cup Pipe Joint

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As the solder is being poured the outside of the expanded pipe should be heated, to prevent the premature chilling of the solder.

The application for this patent was filed by Mr. Ferguson on March 25, 1924, the serial number being 701,725. The patent was granted on November 24, 1925, the patent number being 1,563,269. The Ferguson Cup Joint Gooseneck is being placed on the market by the Raymond Equipment Company, Charleston, W. Va.

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