Improved Pressure Filters.

Improved Pressure Filters.

The accompanying cut represents a battery of the Jewell improved pressure filters as erected at Lake Forest, Ill. The tanks of these filters are six feet in diameter by five feet high, made of steel plate and tested to 200 pounds per square inch. They have a capacity for purifying 750,000 gallons of water daily, and are fitted with the most improved devices. The subject of improving the water supply of cities and towns is now receiving very careful attention from water-works and sanitary engineers, and both American and foreign inventors have devoted much time in endeavoring to perfect a system of mechanical filtration which would meet with the approval of the public.

The O. II. Jewell Filter Company have for many years given this matter their profound study and attention ; in fact, «e believe there are few, if any, who have devoted so much time and money in perfecting a system which has been fully demonstrated to meet the various requirements. This company manufactures both the pressure and gravity system of idler’, all of which embody many recent improvements and are admirably adapted for the particular service for which they are intended. They also manufacture a domestic filter which is claimed to be the most effective and simple device for purifying water ever offered to the public. The filtering medium is a clean white paper prepared for this purpose or can be procured in drug stores. When the paper is clogged with impurities it is thrown away, thereby avoiding the danger of retaining germs which will surely accumulate in a fixed filtering medium substance. This may be screwed on faucet or connected by to stand near the source of supply.


The O. If. Jewell Filter Company of Chicago have a large factory which is completely fitted with special machinery for the manufacture of their several lines of filters. This compnny are now constructing for the city of Quincy, Ill., agravity filter plant with a daily capacity of 4,000,000 gallons, as also orders covering quite a number of pressure and gravity filters for hotels, factories, paper mills, etc.

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