Improvements in Boston’s Fire Protection

Improvements in Boston’s Fire Protection

Engineer Holland of the Fire Protection Committee of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, reports in relation to the improvements planned for the high pressure fire service of Boston, under Fire Commissioner Murphy, as follows:

“Specifications are being prepared by engineers of the Boston Elevated Railway and Edison Electric Illuminating companies, for the early installation of two multistage, turbine centrifugal pumps, each of 3,000 gallons a minute capacity, in the power station of the Boston Elevated at Lincoln street, and for two electric motor-driven units of the came capacity and general type in the Atlantic avenue station of the Edison Electric. Provisions are to be made for the future installation of a third unit of equal capacity in each of these two stations. Power at the Lincoln street station is to be derived from ample reserve capacity in the existing boiler plant and at the Atlantic avenue station from storage batteries, or from any one of three transmission lines over two different routes from the central generating station at South Boston.

“Contracts have been awarded and work is well under way in connection with the installation of duplicate 16-inch suction and discharge mains for these pumps; the suctions will connect to well-looped high and low service water mains in Atlantic avenue; auxiliary suction connections are to be made to existing salt water conduits at both of these stations. These contracts include the laying of a 16-inch high pressure extension west in Causeway street to Portland street, and the necessary extensions of the duplicate discharge mains from the Atlantic avenue station to connect with the high pressure mains at Pearl and Purchase streets, and at Atlantic avenue and Broad street. Operating agreements between the above mentioned public service corporations and the city are being considered, to insure quick and reliable operation of the supply works as planned.

“The superintendent of the Boston fire alarm system states that there will be a reliable and fully satisfactory high pressure fire alarm signalling system in operation as soon as the proposed pumps are ready for service. A sub-committee on fire prevention, representing the Chamber of Commerce, Boston Board of Fire Underwriters, Central Labor Union, Massachusetts Real Estate Exchange and Boston Real Estate Exchange and Auction Board, with C. H. Blackall. chairman, was recently appointed, primarily to expedite and secure the installation and operation of the high pressure supply works.

“There seems to be a well-defined determination on the part of the administration, as well as other influential interests, to get this system in operation before the end of the present calendar year, and it is estimated by the division engineer that there are sufficient funds remaining to complete the supply works as outlined above. It is proposed to install at some future date, and as soon as the necessary funds are made available, two more motordriven pumps of similar type and capacity in the Edison Electric sub-station on Stanhope street, facing Stuart street, with provisions for duplication of connections the same as at the Atlantic avenue station, except for the lack of an auxiliary salt water supply.”

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