Tendency Toward Complete Motorization Many Apparatus to Be Added to Departments, and Much New Equipment Called for


Sheffield, Ala.—Propose to remodel fire house. Chief J. C. Machtolff.


Yuma, Ariz.—Combination chemical and hose. New fire house to be built. Chief M. S. Parks.


Healdsburg, Cal.—One triple combination car. Information and catalogs, ditto. Chief. Harold BRosenberg.

Santa Barbara, Cal.—One 750-gallon centrifugal pump, triple combination; one 65-foot 4-wheel drive aerial; complete fire alarm system, 40 boxes, 4-circuit board; three new stations. Catalogues on all fire department supplies. Chief J. P. Endsley.


Danbury, Conn.—Chief Beckerle recommends the purchase of additional apparatus to include a pumper.

Hartford, Conn.—Two large and two small tractors for use in the fire department have been requested by fire commission. Address chairman of fire commission.

New London, Conn.—Fire hose will be purchased with an appropriation of $2,000. Address Chief of Department.

Winsted, Conn.—The purchase of a triple combination fire truck is urged by Superintendent Charles Stone, of the fire department. A special town meeting has been called to decide.


Georgetown, Del.—The fire department is trying to raise funds for purchase of new equipment. Address chief of department.

Middletown, Del.—There is a movement on foot to purchase up-to-date fire equipment.

Selbyville, Del.—A fire department is being formed by volunteers, who expect to raise funds for motor fire truck.


Atlanta, Ga.—City election held March 5 to vote on $100,000 bonds for fire department. Address city clerk.


Carlinville, Ill.—The $3,600 voted last year will not buy the type of apparatus desired and a vote will be taken this spring on increasing that sum to an adequate figure.

Chicago, Ill.—Gas masks are to be provided for the fire department. Address Chief O’Connor.

Macomb, Ill.—Service truck, hire alarm system. Chief D. McCaughey.


Goodland, Ind.—It is’ intended to install an electric alarm system here. Max L. Harner, chief, would like to receive catalogues.

Huntington, Ind.—A motor combination fire truck and 500 feet of 2j4-inch double jacket fire hose are to be bought. J. N. Paul, chief.


Jennings, La.—Chief would like to receive catalogues of siren fire alarms. A. O. Eastman.


Brunswick, Me.—The purchase of new motor apparatus is probable in the near future. Address Captain Geo. L. Skolfield.

Fort Fairchild, Me.—Motor combination with two 60-gallon chemical tanks, ladders. and hose; 1,000 feet hose. Catalogues and information, motor trucks, 40 or 60-gallon chemical tanks, to carry ladders and hose. Chief W. P. Knight.

Westbrook, Me.—New fire hose is requested by fire department. About 2,000 feet.


Cambridge, Md.—It is proposed to purchase additional equipment for ,the Rescue Fire Company. Address President Board of Commissioners.

Hagerstown, Md.—An aerial truck is asked for the West End of the city. Address Geo. B. Alexander, city council.

Lanaconing, Md.—The Good Will Fire Company contemplates buying a combination motor truck. Edward Stevenson, secretary.


Andover, Mass.—The purchase of a motor ladder truck is advocated. Address the chief of fire department.

Athol, Mass.—An appropriation of $4,500 for a small motor fire truck has been made, and of $1,450 for fire alarm system.

Boston, Mass.—The fire commissioner urges immediate action on establishment of a new high pressure pumping station. The complete motorization of fire department will probably be effected this year. John R. Murphy, fire commissioner.

Brockton, Mass.—-New motor apparatus is being considered. Address President of Council.

Chicopee, Mass.—It is possible that new fire apparatus may be bought this year.

Clinton, Mass.-—Purchase of another motor truck is recommended. Address Chief of Department.

Dartmouth, Mass.—New fire hose is said to be needed. Address Chief of Department.

East Longmeadow, Mass.—A fire truck may be purchased.

Everett, Mass.—Council has voted to issue $30,000 bonds for fire equipment. The Mayor.

Grafton, Mass.—A small chemical engine at about $500 is desired. Chief of Fire Department.

Greenfield, Mass.—Prudential Committee has been asked to buy fire hose for the department. Wm. A. Blake, clerk.

Haverhill, Mass.—Purchase of a motor aerial truck for the Essex St. station is recommended by the board of fire engineers. A new fire station is nearly ready for equipment. Address Mayor Gray.

Holbrook, Mass.—A new fire truck will probably be bought in the spring. Address the chief of fire department.

Holden, Mass.—Installation of new fire alarm system and purchase of additional fire hose are being considered.

Holyoke, Mass.—Gas masks for use of the firemen may be purchased by the fire department. Chief Hurley.

Lee, Mass.—The purchase of a motor fire truck has been recommended by the authorities. Address the mayor.

Lowell, Mass.—An appropriation of $35,200 is asked for new apparatus. Council authorized purchase of 1,000 feet of fire hose. Fire Commissioner Morse.

Malden, Mass.—A squad wagon is to be purchased by the department. J. T. Xicolls, chief.

Marlboro, Mass.—A motor fire truck will probably be bought this year.

Melrose, Mass.—Appropriation is asked for purchase of motor hose truck. Address Alderman Gilman.

Methuen, Mass.—Purchase of a motor pumping engine and a motor fire truck is recommended. Thomas Dow, Chief of Department.

New Bedford, Mass.—Chief Edward F. Dahill urges the purchase of two motor fire engines this year.

Nantucket, Mass.—Residents are in favor of buying a pumping engine for fire protection. Address President Board of Selectmen.

Newburyport, Mass.—Enlargement of department and purchase of new equipment are recommended by National Board of Underwriters.

North Andover, Mass.—The purchase of a motor fire truck is urged. Address Chief of Department.

North Brookfield, Mass.—The chief of fire department would like to receive catalogues from manufacturers of motor fire trucks, combination and triple combination types. F. F. Foster, chief.

North Wilbraham, Mass.—Appropriation for a chemical combination is included in the town warrant. Address Clerk of Council.

Oak Bluffs, Mass.—An appropriation of $300 for fire hose has been made.

Peabody, Mass.— Proposed aerial truck. Chief Jesse F. Barrett.

Pittsfield, Mass.—Chief Wm. C. Shepard urges purchase of a motor city service ladder truck and a new chief’s car.

Princeton, Mass.—This town proposes to buy a motor truck for the fire department. The Mayor.

Rockland, Mass. Motor city service truck. Would like catalogs of them and cotton rubber-line hose. Chief, Fred W. Chapman.

Scituate, Mass. Sum of $9,000 voted for purchase of pumping engine. Address Town Clerk.

Spencer, Mass.—An appropriation is asked to buy a triple combination truck. Chief Dunton.

Sturbridge, Mass. -An appropriation of $1,000 is asked in the town warrant for purchase of a motor fire truck. Clerk of Council.

Turner’s Falls, Mass. Motor fire truck. Would like catalogs on motor pumping apparatus. Chief Andrew F. Doran.

Wakefield, Mass.—Purchase of a motor fire truck is recommended.

Webster, Mass.—An appropriation for a motor fire truck is asked.

Wenham, Mass.—The council is asked to purchase another piece of apparatus.

Worcester, Mass.—An appropriation of $4,500 has been made for purchase of fire apparatus. Address Chief of Department.

Westboro, Mass.—New hose and other equipment are needed. John P. Crowe, chief.

Westminster, Mass.—Appropriation is asked for purchase of needed apparatus.

Weymouth, Mass.—A tractor for hook and ladder No. 2, is requested.


Grand Haven, Mich.—Chief, Anthony Pippel. A combination chemical and hose with Winton chassis and Peter Pirsch equipment.

Hillsdale, Mich.—A vote is to be taken on the purchase of a motor fire truck. Address chief of fire department.

Iron River, Mich.—Motor combination hose and chemical. Catalogues, ditto; also miscellaneous small tools and gas masks. Chief, Jas. B. Henley.

Ishpeming, Mich.—It is proposed to sell the two old type steamers and buy a motor triple combination fire truck. John I.acey, chief.

Kalamazoo, Mich.—Complete repair of fire alarm system planned. Would like catalogs on covers to protect household goods from water damage. Chief, Chas. Russell.

Lawton, Mich.—It is proposed to purchase a combination chemical, hose and ladder truck, motor driven, and other equipment. Catalogues are desired from manufacturers, also hydrants catalogues. J. J. Maskle, chief.

Mt. Clemons, Mich.—Purchase of a new city service truck, motor, 50 foot ladder with a 10-foot fly, is proposed. E. J. Saurtzky, chief.

Portage, Mich.—The village of Hurontown has appealed to the township of Portage for fire protection, asking for hose and water cisterns. Address Supervisor McKay.


Cloquet, Minn.—Propose rebuild fire station, burned. Chief, George Maghan.

Brewster, Minn.—A chemical engine and 200 feet of fire hose are to be purchased by the council.

Duluth, Minn.—A request for a motor driven fire apparatus for Duluth Heights, will be made to City Council soon by a committee of members of the Duluth Heights Volunteer fire department. Composed of D. H. Lonergan, VV. H. Harwood, and Jorn Hogan.

Kenyon, Minn.—It is proposed to buy a motor chemical combination truck for the department. The chief would like to receive catalogues on same. H. E. Bergh, chief.

Pipestone, Minn.—The department is considering the purchase of a motor truck and would he glad to receive manufacturers’ catalogues. F. E. Cogswell, chief.

Sauk River, Mich. -Double head siren whistle. May build fire hall. Catalogues, light truck.

St. Paul. Minn. -A bond issue of $500,000 to improve fire protection will probably be asked for soon.

Waconia, Minn.—A fire alarm system is to be installed. Address Clerk of City Council.


Meridian, Miss.—A tractor for 75 feet aerial truck and a triple combination motor fire truck are to be purchased this year. Would like to get catalogues from manufacturers of Calahan type nozzles. W. F. C. Partin, chief.


Kansas City, Mo.—An appropriation of $100,000 for the fire department has been made.

St. Louis Mo.—A bond issue of $200,000 for fire stations and equipment is under consideration. Address Mayor Kiel.

Warsaw, Mo.—A recent destructive fire showed the need for apparatus in this town.

Webb City, Mo.—A vote will be taken in April on bond issue for purchase of fire truck.


Anaconda, Mont.—The department will be glad to receive catalogues of fire hose, uniforms and badges. Charles Collins, chief.


Central City, Neb.—500 feet hose. City hall and fire station; no plans as yet. Chief, II. E. Harmen.

Omaha, Neb.— Propose to build four new fire houses. Chief. Chas. A. Salter.


Tonopah, Nevada—Wants catalogues on motor apparatus. Chief, C. G. Askin.


Raleigh, N. C.—It is proposed that the city erect two new fire stations. Chief Charles Farmer.


Bayonne, N. J.—An appropriation of $20,000 is under consideration for motorizing the fire department.

Bradley Beach, N. J.—An ordinance providing for $25,000 bond issue for fire apparatus was passed on first reading.

Blackwood, N. J.—The Union Fire Company of Blackwood Terrace is trying to raise funds for motor apparatus. The women’s auxiliary is assisting.

Billingsport, N. J.—Proceeds of firemen’s annual supper, February 22, will go toward purchase of apparatus.

Bridgeton, N. J.—Purchase of a motor pumping engine is discussed. William Murphy, Commissioned of Public Safety-

East Rutherford, N. J.—Motor combination. Would like catalogs on chemical and hose combination. Chief, Silvan Lemost.

Englewood, N. J.—Purchase of motor fire apparatus is probable. Address the Mayor.

Garfield, N. J.—Purchase of a motor fire truck for Company No. 2 is recommended. Address Mayor Dahnert.

Hillside, N. J.—It is desired to purchase a motor combination or a pumper and a hone wagon, separate, and also a handdrawn hose and chemical wagon. Address the Town Clerk.

Lodi, N. J.—Motor ladder truck and combination hose and chemical car. Information and catalogs ditto. Chief Peter M. Content.

Millville, N. J.—Equipment to be purchased for the department includes 1,000 feet of cotton rubber-lined hose, rubber coats and boots, and firemen’s gloves. Samuel D. Bennett, commissioner.

Newark, N. J.—Improved fire protection for the Twelfth Ward is being discussed.

Paterson, N. J.—The residents of the West Side ask for fire apparatus.

Pitman, N. J.— Motor hose car. Chief, C. A. Behling.

Red Bank, N. J.—The department is trying to find means for procuring motor apparatus.

Somerville, N. J.—Triple combination apparatus. Would like catalogs from manufacturers. Chief, Henry Weill.

Vineland, N. J.—The fire commissioners of Landis Township will call an election this month to decide on appropriation of $2,600 for fire apparatus.

Weehawken, N. J.—An appropriation of $1,000 will be made for repair of fire alarm system.

Woodbury, N. J.—The Verga Fire Company has appointed a committee to purchase a motor fire truck. Address President of the Company.


Raton, New Mexico—1,000 feet fire hose. Chief, J. C. Carlton.


Auburndale, N. Y.—More hose is needed by the department here. Address the Chief.

Cohoes, N. Y.—The budget includes $2,500 for new fire engine. Address the Mayor.

Corning, N. Y.—Chief John W. AIcCarthy recommends the purchase of a motor city service truck, a ladder truck and 500 feet of fire hose.

Deposit, N. Y.—Purchase of motor fire truck is being considered. President, Village Council.

Ebenezer, N. Y.—The department is agitating the purchase of a motor fire truck. Address the chief.

Elmira, N. Y.—A new chief’s car is to be purchased. Address John H. Espey, chief.

Haverstraw, N. Y.—-It is proposed to buy a triple combination fire truck and catalogues are desired. Secretary, General Warren Hose Company No. 2.

LaSalle, N. Y.—A committee has been appointed to look into matter of buying motor fire truck. David Wright.

North Tonawanda, N. Y.—Bids will be received until 8 p. m., March 17, on chemical – combination motor truck. Fred C. Goltz, city clerk.

Patchogue, (L. I.), N. Y.—The $3,500 bond issue for fire apparatus has been sold and the proceeds are now available. Address President of Board of T rustees.

Peoria, Ill.—Extensive improvement of the equipment is under consideration. John J. Crowder, city comptroller.

Phelps, N. Y.—The Empire Hose Company is raising funds to motorize its apparatus. Address secretary of company.

Port Jervis, N. Y.—Purchase of motor ladder truck is being considered.

Poughkeepsie, N. Y.—-An appropriation of $2,500 for an auxiliary fire alarm system, has been made. Address Alderman Way.

Fredonia, N. Y.—Fire protection for the village hall will be purchased by the Building Committee, Board of Trustees.

Rochester, N. Y.—Two fire stations are to be built and equipped. Several sections of hose burst at a recent fire and must be replaced. Address Chief Little.

Rockaway Beach, N. Y.—Citizens ask Fire Commissioner Drennan to motorize the fire apparatus. Address the commissioner at the Municipal Building, New York City.

Staten Island, N. Y.—A fire boat is needed here, in the opinion of citizens.

Scio, N. Y.—A special meeting of the resident taxpayers in the Scio Fire District has been called to vote on question of appropriating $2,000 for motor fire truck Chairman Fire Commission Scio District.

Troy, N. Y.—Council has definitely authorized purchase of equipment by appropriating $70,600 to be raised by loan for the purpose. John P. McNamee. city clerk.

Winfield, L. I., N. Y.—Community action of XVoodside, Maspeth, Jackson Heights, Elmhurst. Middle Village and Astoria, to hasten building of trunk sewer.


Bedford, Ohio—The city is considering installation of a new alarm system, to be operated from telephone exchange. Catalogues of electric siren, etc., are desired. Charles S. Brown, Chief of Volunteer Fire Department.

Bellaire, Ohio.—Improvement of fire protection is being considered. Address Walter C. Upperman, Safety Director.

Bridgeport, Ohio—The council is being urged to provide additional fire apparatus.

Canton, Ohio—The purchase of four combination fire trucks has been recommended by Safety Director Ha-

_____Pa. -A. up to-date engine house is be built.

Cleveland, Ohio— A -t ond tss^c’of $300.uoO ioi 2:re pr -i been authorized. Address C. J. iienitusi,., c!er! council.

Covington, Ohio—The bond issue of $2,500 is now available for purchase of fire truck. G. M. O’Donnell, village clerk.

Elkton, Ohio—Fire apparatus is needed here. A bucket brigade was the only protection at a recent fire and the general store was burnt.

Elyria, Ohio—East side residents ask for better fire protection. President of City Council.

Findley, Ohio—Purchase of Chief’s car is authorized. Address F. J. Collingwood, president of council.

Fremont, Ohio—There .s a probability that a new fire station may be built and a fire truck purchased for it. J. J. Lutz, president of council.

Ironton, Ohio—A new chief’s car has been authorized by the city council.

Leetonia, Ohio—A volunteer fire department is being organized and will need equipment. W. M. Long, mayor.

Lewisburg, Ohio—The council is considering the issue of bonds to provide adequate fire apparatus. Address President of Council.

Lorain, Ohio—One triple combination, one chief’s car, one new fire house. Chie, David E. Hatt.

Lorain, Ohio—An ordinance has been passed to issue bonds for installing a complete fire alarm system. A. J. Horn, mayor.

Marblehead, Ohio—The volunteer department expects to buy a fire truck and a ladder truck soon. Address president of department.

Paulding, Ohio—The department asks for motor chemical combination engine. Address the Chief of Fire Department.

Steuvenville, Ohio—Would like catalogs on combination motor trucks. Chief, Edward J. Green.

Toledo. Ohio—A bond issue of $18,tKX) is recommended by Tyler Greene. Fire Alarm Superintendent, for improvements in fire department.

Youngstown, Ohio—-A new fire station may be established soon at Pleasant Grove.

Zanesville, Ohio—The safety committee is considering bond issue for $2,500 to purchase a combination motor truck.


Oklahoma City, Okla.—Motorization of the entire department at an estimated cost of about $148,000 is recommended. Mark Kesler. commissioner of public works.


Ashley, Pa.—A motor fire truck is to be bought. Purchase of 12 pairs rubber boots and rubber coats authorized.

Beaver Falls, Pa.—The purchase of 500 feet of new hose is recommended by Councilman Keefer.

Bradenville, Pa.—The company here was greatly handicapped at a recent fire by shortage of fire hose.

Camp Hill, Pa.—Appropriation is asked for new chemical apparatus said to be badly needed. Address president of fire company.

Carnegie, Pa.—Fire protection for the village of Glendale is asked. Address President of Council, Carnegie, Pa.

Cheltenham, Pa.—The budget approprifor fire protection fier Address the.

Coraopolia, Pa.—Three— 2 1/2-inch fire hose are to be bought. W. E. Secretary of Borough; Council.

Dale, Pa.—The fire company is considering improvements of apparatus. Address the president.

Du Bois, Pa.—Council has voted $15,000 for fire apparatus. Address President Volunteer Fire Department.

Dunbar, Pa.—A volunteer fire department -has been organized in this village.

Elwood City, Pa.—The purchase of a 750-gallon triple combination is proposed, also new ladders. Address E. H. Swartz, chief.

Emporium, Pa.—Funds are being raised for purchase of a fire engine.

Enhaut, Pa.—The purchase of motor fire apparatus is being considered. Address President of Good Will Fire Company.

Fort Mifflin, Pa.—A fire protection system to cost approximately $20,000, will be installed. Address Bureau Yards and Docks, Navy Department, Washington, D. C. Spec. 3779.

Garretford, Pa.—The recently organized fire company is raising money to purchase equipment. Chief, Fred Neimeyer.

Greenville, Pa.—Purchase of motor fire trucks is being considered. Address President of Council.

Harrisburg, Pa.—This city is said to be in need of greatly enlarged fire protection.

Hecla, Pa.—The village is said to need better apparatus for fire protection. Address village clerk.

Homestead, Pa.—The fire and light committee will purchase 200 feet of fire hose.

Lansdale, Pa.—The Fairmont Fire Company recently had a section of hose destroyed. Address secretary of company.

Latrobe, Pa. At a recent meeting of City Council it was recommended that two shut-off nozzles to replace two which are too long, one dozen carrying straps, two ten-feet length sections, hose j inch, and one life saving net he purchased. Address President of Council.

Lehighton, Pa.—The installation of a fire alarm system is under consideration. Address Clerk of Council.

Lock Haven, Pa.—Hose and club house to be built. Chief, C. E. Herr.

Jessup, Pa.—Triple combination; also hose, clothing, nozzles, etc.; possible new borough building. Catalogues, motor apparatus. Chief, F. J. Langan.

Johnstown, Pa.—Possible new fire alarm boxes. Chief L. M. Keller.

Jessup, Pa.—A triple combination engine is to be bought this year, also hose and other equipment. F. J. Langa-:. chief. Chief Langan would like catalogues from manufacturers and desires information as regarding the relative advantage of triple combination engine over hose truck in places where there is low or no water pressure through mine caves.

Juniata, Pa.— Better fire protection is being considered.

Madera, Pa.—A fire department will probabl3′ be organized very soon.

Merlon Pa. Motor equipment will soon he pnrehaed to equip new companies of Berks to —_____ tion, 1217 Moss street

McKee’s Rocks Pa. opt fire hose is to he bought. Address President of Council.

McKeesport, Pa.—The city is considering installation of motor fire apparatus. Address the Mayor.

Mauch Chunk, Pa.—The Borough Council has appropriated $200 each to the three fire companies. Address President of Council.

Nescopeck, Pa.—Chief of Volunteer Fire Company No. 1, would like to receive catalogues of fire trucks and equipment. Address S. H. Harder, chief.

Nesquehoning, Pa.—The hose company has started a movement for buying uniforms.

New Brighton, Pa.—It is planned to install a new fire alarm system in this place.

New Eagle, Pa. —The lire company of this place is considering means for buying a pump.

Northeast, Pa. The Borough Council is considering appropriation of $8,000 for fire engine. Address President of Council.

North Wales, Pa. -Appropriation of $5,000 for motor apparatus is being considered. Address Councilman J. RcifT Brunner.

Patton, Pa.—A considerable appropriation will probably be made at an early date to provide fire protection. President of Town Council.

Pen Argyl, Pa.—Vote is to be taken on bond issue for fire apparatus.

Philadelphia, Pa.—Appropriation will probably be made soon for motor apparatus, fire boats, and new fire station. Address Joseph P. Gaffney, chairman of finance committee, city council.

Shamokin, Pa. It is proposed to buy equipment (or the fire department.

Sunbury, Pa. The Friendship and Americas fire companies are thinking of purchasing motor fire trucks.

Vandergrift, Pa.—A motor pumper will probably be purchased soon. Address President of Borough Council.

Wilcox, Pa., P. O. Ridgway -Fire protection is needed in this village. Address village clerk.

Wilkes-Barre, Pa.—Council has been asked to furnish department with ammonia gas masks. Address Chief of Fire Department.

Wilkinsburg, Pa.—It is proposed to establish a paid department and purchase suitable equipment. Address John G. M iles.

Williamsport, Pa.It is proposed to motorize the No. 5 chemical apparatus. Address President of No. 5 Company.

Wrightsville, Pa.— Efforts are being made to have the fire apparatus motorized.


Newport, R. I.—Board of Aldermen has voted to buy 900 feet of 2½ inch hose and 400 feet of chemical hose. Address President of Board.

Olneyville, R. I.—The fire commissioners are desirous of getting anbther piece of motor apparatus. Address Chairman of Board.

Providence, R. I.— It is proposed to motorize the ladder truck at the Mt. Pleasant fire station. Address Chairman of Finance ..Committee.

Woonsocket, R. I.— 4n appropriation of $12,000 has been made by the aldermen and council for purchase of triple combination engine and a tractor. Address Clerk of Council.


Elk Point, S. Dak.—Preliminary survey of cost, looking to construction of sewer system.

Esmond, S. D.—New equipment is to be provided for the fire department.


Houston, Texas—Recommendation is made that fire alarm boxes be installed at Houston Heights. Mayor Amerman.


Bristol, Tenn.—Bonds to the amount of $13,000 will soon be issued for fire apparatus.


Murray City, Utah 550 or 750 gallon pumper. Information and catalogs wanted on ditto. Chief, Ed. Larson.


Burlington, Vt.—Fire commissioners ask $40,000 for improvements in apparatus.

Rutland, Vt.—Purchase of 800 feet of fire hose is asked by chief of department.


Danville, Va.—The department proposes to purchase a triple combination and an aeriai truck. Would like catalogues. J. B. Brooks, chief.

Richmond, Va.—The new budget includes request for $30,000 to install new fire alarm system. Win. M. Myers, director public safety.

Suffolk, Va.—The city is considering the erection of a new fire station in the factory district and the purchase of a 750-gallon motor pumper and a motor aerial truck. Robert L. Jacobs, Chief of F’ire Department.


Bluefield, W. Va.—A site has been bought for a new fire station.

Charleston, W. Va.—The schedule for this year embraces four pieces of motor apparatus. Aerial truck, triple combination, 1.000 gallons, junior pump with hose and chemical, and a double tank combination. Address J. C. Anderson, chief.

Wheeling, W. Va.—The council has decided on purchase of a 350-gallon fire apparatus. Address President of City Council.


Shelton, Wash.— Proposed light hose car to carry 500 to 800 feet hose. Have only hand drawn carts now. Information and catalogs, ditto. Chief, H. A. Norton, box 536.


Beaver Dam, Wis.—A motor combination fire truck is to be purchased. Address Chief of Department.

Fort Atkinson, Wis.—The department would like to receive catalogues from manufacturers of fire trucks of all kinds. August F. Hansen, chief.

Sheboygan, Wis.—A triple combination, 750 gallons, is to be purchased this year. W. R. Trotter, chief, wishes catalogues of pumping engines, etc.

Waupun, Wis.—A movement is on foot for motorizing the fire department.

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