In Case You Can’t Get Away

In Case You Can’t Get Away

THERE’S at least some consolation for those who are not fortunate enough to be able to take in the I. A. F. C. Convention on the good old S.S. Seeandbee.

The next issue of FIRE ENGINEERING will bring the convention home to you, with a complete story of the proceedings, including numerous snapshots taken at the scene. Two of our staff representatives will be in attendance to make sure we do not miss anything that might be of interest to our readers. In other words, you’ll have everything but the trip and the pleasure of rubbing elbows with your fellow fire chiefs.

The fire service today is confronted with many difficult problems crying for solution. It has never been more necessary for fire chiefs to keep closely in touch with all developments—and that, of course, is where you can always count on your good old friend, FIRE ENGINEERING.

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