The sad death of Mr. E. F. C. Davis, president of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, has been the subject of the following action by the council of the society:

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers desires, through its council, to spread upon the records of the society and of its council a minute expressive of the respect and regard which its members feel and seek to make public upon the sudden and untimely death from an accident of their colleague, Mr.E. F. C. Davis, president of the society.

Although with such grief the stranger intermeddletli not, yet the council would presume to express its heartfelt sympathy with those nearest and dearest to Mr. Davis, upon whom this blow has so crushingly fallen.

The formal mold of memorial resolutions in which a corporate body ordinarily records its actions seems inadequate for a proper voicing of the spirit which prevades the council in the presence of the death of one whom its members bad known so well, and whom they had learned to admire and love. His wise and mature judgment, his business and professional knowledge, his conservative, yet energetic council, and his courteous consideration for others,had made him one form whose administration of the Society’s affairs the highest hopes had been entertained.

Resolved, That copies of this minute be furnished to the engineering journals, with a request that they give it a publicity in such a way that it may serve to convey to the profession something of the sorrow and regret with which the American Society of Mechanical Engineers have heard of their loss in the death of their president.

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