In Memory of Rev. Father Lynch

In Memory of Rev. Father Lynch

On Aprd 28, 1923, Rev. Dennis J. Lynch, assistant pastor of St. Leo’s Church died. Father Lynch was a friend to all the firemen, particularly to the Boston firemen. On the day of his funeral the firemen paid the greatest manifestation of love and respect that the firemen have ever paid to any man. More than 250 men, on their day off and vacation, marched in a body to the church, and then escorted the funeral for several miles.

A short time thereafter the Boston firemen decided to do something to perpetuate the memory of their friend. It was decided to raise a fund with the purpose in view of establishing a scholarship for the children of Boston firemen. I his fund has been raised and the amount realized was $2,860.20, more than enough to pay for the scholarship.

A scholarship, to be known as the Reverend Dennis J. Lynch Scholarship for the children of Boston firemen, has been established at Boston College High School. The scholarship is known as a freshman, or first-year scholarship, that is, a child may attend the school for the first year at the expense of the scholarship. After the first year the scholarship passes to another entrant. The scholarship will be awarded to the child of a fireman who receives the highest mark in the entrance examinations for Boston College High School.

The balance of the fund has been turned over to Rev. George P. O’Connor, director of Catholic Charitable Bureau of the Archdiocese of Boston, to establish a fund known as the Father Lynch Health Fund for children, and the money is to be used for the relief of poor and needy children.

On September 10, 1924. an appeal was received by the Boston fire department from the members of the Lorain, Ohio, fire department asking for assistance. One June 28, 1924, the city of Lorain was visited by a tornado, causing a property loss of approximately forty million dollars. The homes and possessions of many of the firemen were destroyed. and the firemen were obliged to appeal to firemen throughout the nation for relief and assistance. Yesterday the fire commissioner sent to the Lorain firemen, as a gift from their brothers in Boston, a check for $532.25.

All the foregoing funds represent voluntary contributions on the part of the Boston fire department, who were aided in the Father Lynch Fund by a few contributions received from friends of Father Lynch who asked permission to join with them in paying tribute to him.

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