VOLUME 119, NO. 5


35 The Editor’s Opinion Page

How to combat false alarms

36 Kitchen Fire Knocks Out Airport Control Tower

Firemen chase concealed fire through hanging ceilings and air conditioning ducts

38 Good Samaritan Act Goes on Ballot in Washington

State fire fighters go to people to provide first aid without legal retaliation

39 Chemistry for the Fire Fighter

Heat and how it affects matter

42 Injuries, Deaths and Costs Mount in Chicago False Alarm Crisis

Surveillance and stake-outs can catch the culprits

43 The Cover Story: Nose Dive from a New York Tenement

By a masked fireman who was searching for trapped occupants

44 Dry Chemical and Water Fog Protect 300,000 Barrels of Liquefied Natural Gas

Which is equivalent of one billion cubic feet

46 Firemen Train in Seamanship to Run Baltimore Fire Fleet

Crewmen come out of fire fighting ranks and not off the beach

50 Chemical Fire Threatens Tank Farm in Newark, N J.

Foam and fog protect exposed tanks and knock out fire


6 Letters to the Editor

12 The Volunteers Corner

The High-Expansion Foam Triangle: Water Volume, Time and Expansion Rate

18 Coming Events

28 The Round Table

The False Alarm Problem

52 Manufacturers’ News

58 Industrial Fire Safety

Check up on the night watchman

60 Fire Schools

62 Fire Apparatus Maintenance

Test aerial ladders in raised position

64 Names in the News

70 Bells, Buffs and Blazes

Stop-off in Philadelphia

72 From the Publisher’s Desk

How to get good articles

73 Advertisers’ Index

75 Reader’s Service Card



39 The Editor’s Opinion Page

Why train with wooden guns?

40 Chicago Uses the Camera

Improve training, arson investigation, and fire fighting with photos

43 Let’s Use a Stop Watch

If seconds count at a fire, they count just as much at the drill yard

44 Five-Hour Fire—Five-Day Overhaul

A 10,000-ton overhaul of soggy paper

46 Seattle Uses Portable Water Screens on Underpier Fires

With a length of pipe and a modified nozzle

47 Firemen’s Invention Saves Cave-in Victim

Air hose and quick hitch nozzle do the job

48 Train Derailment Ruptures Ammonia Tank

Masks—and more masks—needed when fumes drive fire fighters away

50 Selection and Care of Portable Extinguishers—Part 2

Proper records improve maintenance

51 A New Look to Hydraulics

Friction loss easily determined

53 How to Run a Fire Department in the Dark

The Great Blackout finds N.Y.F.D. ready


8 Letters to the Editor

14 Book shelf

20 Fire Apparatus Maintenance

Test that pump

30 The Volunteer’s Corner

Safety first on the fireground

36 The Round Table

Salvage operations of fire departments

56 Manufacturers’ News

61 Bells, Buffs and Blazes

62 Fire Schools

64 Names in the News

66 Industrial Fire Safety

Be careful with that gasoline

68 Coming Events

70 Legally Speaking

Annexation hits job seniority

74 From the Publisher’s Desk

Let us solve your problems

75 Advertisers’ Index

77 Reader’s Service Card