Incendiary Plant Found at Fire

Incendiary Plant Found at Fire

Firemen of a Fort Collins, Col., fire company, that was the first to arrive at a garage fire, found an incendiary plant on a work bench when they succeeded in opening the doublesliding doors.

Incendiary Plant Found

The blaze was consuming rags on a work bench and had begun to travel up a board partition to which the bench was fastened. A battery charger was in operation at the rear, and directly over this bench. The master electric switch was located to one side of the charger. This switch was pulled by a fireman but although this served to cut off the entire current in the building, it did not stop the sparking on the bench. This aroused the suspicion of the Lieutenant in charge.

He noticed a queer device fastened to the partition, directly over the fire on the bench. He hesitated to turn on the water of the hose line. However, he opened the nozzle slightly to prevent washing anything away. Chief T. P. Treadwell arrived at this point and took charge.

It was found that the plant consisted of an alarm clock, a mouse trap, a Ford coil, a six-volt storage battery, and a complicated hook-up to produce a spark at a spark plug which was resting beneath a pile of gasoline saturated rags. On a bench was a one-half gallon can of gasoline.

Before the men were ordered back to their house, they were shown how the device worked so as to be on the alert for incendiary plants at other fires.

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