Incident Command App Debuts at International Association of Fire Chiefs Conference

Incident App Solutions (, a technology software company that focuses on the emergency management industry, announced the debut of ZoneCommand for Firefighting, an incident command app, this week at the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) Conference August 17-20 in San Antonio.
“ZoneCommand for Firefighting brings iPad ease-of-use to the incident scene,” said David Selden, President and CEO of Incident App Solutions.  “Using our exclusive Incident Command Dashboard (ICD), all incident details are managed via a single command screen so you can spend more time protecting people and property.  What makes this app unique is the proprietary dashboard technology that provides commanders with real-time incident scene information quickly and effectively.”
ZoneCommand is the only product available that features five seamlessly integrated ICD components: Scene Map, Command Bar, Timeline, Assistant and Toolbar.  The components minimize effort to record incident details and help the commander maximize eyes-on-scene time.
“From the moment you arrive on scene, your primary challenges as a commander are information overload, accountability and scene control,” said Roger Waters, co-founder of Incident App Solutions and a first-responder with more than 20 years of firefighting experience.  “ZoneCommand is essential in today’s world for building an effective action plan while simultaneously assigning tasks and tracking activities. It’s long overdue for the fire industry.”
The app also allows fire departments to efficiently invest in new technology without busting budgets.  ZoneCommand can be downloaded on a basic iPad and self-paced tutorials are available via YouTube.  Incident App Solutions will be demonstrating the ZoneCommand app at booth 33040 at the IAFC Conference.  More information about can be found here:
About Incident App Solutions:
Incident App Solutions offers products for firefighting, fire safety, hazards studies, campus security and corporate security.  The incident management systems are industry-specific and designed for any emergency and command experience and include tools to help mitigate, prepare, respond and recover from an event.  Incident App Solutions’ mission is to create systems that improve incident safety, automatically track details, simplify emergency operations and coach response. The goal is to reduce emergency event stress and increase the probability of operational success.
About the International Association of Fire Chiefs Conference:
Fire-Rescue International (FRI), the annual conference and expo of the IAFC, has provided senior-level leadership training to fire chiefs for 140 years. Thousands of the most prominent fire and emergency service leaders from across North America and around the globe come to FRI to learn, network and collaborate together. FRI education covers all areas of the emergency service: navigating the political environment, managing change, ethical leadership, EMS issues and career development. FRI attracts hundreds of exhibitors to showcase the newest fire service innovations in apparatus, technology, equipment and gear.

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