How the Drill Master of Kansas City, Mo., Keeps His Men up to Top-notch— Great Improvement Under New Plan

Harry V. Ishum, District Chief and Drill Master, Kansas City, Mo.

HARRY V. ISHUM, district chief and drillmaster, of the Kansas City Fire Department, believes that a fireman of today, unlike the old time fire fighter, is called upon to perform many duties the old timer did not have to contend with, therefore he must be trained differently in order to protect life the more skillful and speedy methods of getting a stream of water on a fire, erecting ladders, and placing pumpers into quick action.

At the training school firemen are required to perform thirty-two evolutions daily. These consist sas City. Mo., consisting of William Buchholz, George H. Edwards, and Hughes Bryant, have assigned Chief Ishum to the important position of drillmaster, with instructions that he adopt and property. Chief Ishum was enrolled at the Chicago fire department drill school and training college on July 13, 1924, for a five weeks course under the Chicago drillmaster, Daniel J. Cartnody.

The fire and water commissioners of Kanof operating aerial ladders, pompier drills in seven styles, sliding rope, raising extension ladders to windows and roofs, placing life net in service, carrying lines of hose to roof of buliding, connecting lines of hose to standpipes, both inside and outside of buildings, placing the Eastman deluge set in operation, replacing bursted lengths of hose in lines, lowering persons from buildings, using hose roller, rope and canvas bags, placing two or more engines into one line of fire hose, tying Standard knots, first aid to the injured, using lung motor, and other drills too numerous to mention. Since the new methods have been adopted, the efficiency of the fire department has been improved by about 50 per cent, according to the fire officials in Kansas City, Missouri.

Exhibitions showing the progress of the department since Chief Ishum has been made drillmaster, are conducted daily in various sections of the city, and every Sunday drills are performed in the downtown sections where access to large buildings may be had, without interfering with traffic. Citizens watch, with eager eyes, firemen perform the new methods, considered the newest and most scientific known.

Chief Ishum has been with the department since he was 17 years old. He started as a watchboy. His recent special course in the fire college in Chicago has thoroughly fitted him for the position of drillmaster. In a condensed form he sets forth a few standards that firemen should follow in order to be rated as an efficient fireman: He must he physically fit in order to stand the severe hardships. He must know how to protect himself, therefore must train constantly. He should be skilled in first aid. and he familiar with first aid apparatus. He should have good eye sight, good hearing, and good lungs. He should always obey the orders of his superior officer.

The Chicago Fire College and the Kansas City Fire College are using the same methods of fighting fire, and it may be that the Kansas City College will be enrolling firemen from other cities in the West, and under the instructions given the Kansas City Firemen, should he well trained and efficient firemen upon their return home.

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