Increasing Popularity of the Pumper

Increasing Popularity of the Pumper

The great increase within the past two years in the number of fire departments which have adopted the triple combination pumping fire engine shows clearly how the advantages of this type of apparatus have come to be recognized by chiefs. This apparatus combines three features—that of the pump of capacity varying from 500 to 1,000 gallons, the chemical tank of 35 or 40 gallons capacity and about 1,000 feet of hose — which heretofore required two to three units.

The efficiency of this type cannot be doubted. In one compact apparatus there is provided the means for fighting both the incipient blaze and the large fire. If on arrival the officer in charge finds that the fire is only a small one and easily controlled, the chemical apparatus is ready at his hand to extinguish it. If on the contrary, the fire has gained considerable headway and threatens to involve, or has already involved, the building of origin, lie has only to couple up, stretch his hose and throw his pump into gear and he has from one to three efficient streams at his command. In the event of a break or other failure of the water supply, there is still the alternative of drafting by means of the pumper’s suction hose from any nearby stream, pond or even well

The added expense of the triple combination over the chemical and hose type of fire apparatus is so comparatively insignificant that it places the former, with its wide range of service, within reach of the smallest department. Probably the most efficient equipment of the average small city or town up to say 15,000 population would consist of from one to three triple combination pumpers, at least one city ser) ice ladder truck and a chief s car, omitting possibly. in the smaller towns, the automobile for the use of the chief. However, this program would, of course, have to be varied with the conditions and needs of the city or town and its department.

In any case, in considering the ordering of new apparatus for the department, the chief should hesitate before he passes up a proposal to purchase at least one pumper, if Ins department does not possess an apparatus of that type. The triple combination is practically indispensable to efficient fire fighting

One of the pleasing features of the splendid campaign which has been carried on in Indianapolis, Ind., in the interest of Fire Prevention is the admirable co-operation between the chamber of commerce committee, the fire department and the division of fire prevention of the city. This probably has worked more for the success of this movement than any other feature. What has been accomplished in Indianapolis, with a water works man at the head of the committee, can he done in any other city. Try it!

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