Indiana Man Removed from Fire Scene

Police officers arrested a Mishawaka (IN) man suspected of trespassing and interfering with firefighters in the midst of the massive fire at an old factory site, reports the South Bend Tribune.

But the fire chief says it is too early in the fire investigation to make anything of the strange arrest.

A Mishawaka police report says the man, 59, was on the property while crews fought the fire.

The old RMG Foundry, formerly Dodge Manufacturing Co., went up in flames Monday in one of the biggest fires in city history.

Firefighters asked police to remove the man because he was getting in the way of the work to extinguish the fire, according to the report.

A Mishawaka police lieutenant then took him away from the site and told him he would be arrested if he returned, the report said.

At least an hour later, officers saw the man try to return to the fire command center.

The police report says officers asked him why he was there, and he replied that he wanted to take pictures. He had an electronic tablet with him.

The man also told officers he was there to help the firefighters.

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