Innovative PRO1TEKR Products Assist the Las Conchas Firefighters in New Mexico

Scottsdale-based BR Enterprises and Priority Environmental Solutions continue to donate and help those who risk their lives to fight these terrible fires

Scottsdale, AZ, July 27, 2011 – Executives from BR Enterprises in Scottsdale, Arizona traveled to the scene of the Las Conchas Fire in Los Alamos, New Mexico recently. This is the second time within a month the BR Enterprises executives traveled to the scene of a fire to meet with George Reyes, Unit Leader of the Southwest Incident Management Group Medical Unit, and his team. The first time, BR Enterprises executives visited Reyes and his team at the Wallow Fire in Arizona to donate products.
However, this time Reyes requested their presence and a palate of their innovative products.  The Priority Environmental Solutions, PRO1TEK® products help firefighters in the field. PRO1TEK®products are non-alcohol based non-toxic, non-flammable and specifically designed to assist fire fighters in these types of environments.

Henry Ritter, CEO, and David Brin, Vice President of BR Enterprises, along with Members of the Southwest Incident Management Group Medical Unit and unit leader, George Reyes,discover the benefits of these non-alcohol products at the Las Conchas Fire.

According to Unit Leader Reyes, “The PRO1TEK® product line has made our working environment safer through their revolutionary systematic approach to virus and infection control.  We look forward to utilizing their products for years to come.”

The Las Conchas Fire is 57% contained and has already burned a devastating 149,240 acres. Over 60 houses have been destroyed by the wildfire that started on June 26, 2011, according to the North Zone Fire Information’s website.
This product line is advantageous in a situation like a wildfire, exposure to the heat with sweat build up on the skin, can create a prime area for bacteria and contaminates to build up on the body, these non-alcohol, non-toxic, and non-flammable products are designed to help safely decrease the bacteria and irritation to the skin. The PRO1TEK®non-alcohol Hand Sanitizer and Body Wash Wipes will be distributed to provide body cleansing in the field.  Because the PRO1TEK®products don’t contain alcohol they can be safely carried directly on the firefighters when they are in remote locations and need to immediately respond to an exposure. 
Additionally, a new product to the U.S. market, the MedMat®, allows first responders to treat patients in the field by providing “a clean sterile surface” in which to carry out a procedure requiring a sterile field and keeping themselves and their patients safer. 

The addition of the MedMat® to PES for distributors like BR Enterprises provides another device in the PES systematic approach to infection control and cross contamination for the EMS, military, hospitals, long-term care facilities and home health care markets, where clean environments are essential in reducing secondary infections and the potential of transmission of highly infectious bacteria such as C-diff and MRSA from one source to another. The unique two-layer sterile system is designed to lead to a more aseptic approach and provides a sterile surface to help reduce cross contamination.

Reyes and his team appreciated the executives of BR Enterprises for taking the time to make the visit and bring their products to the Las Conchas Fire in New Mexico and looks forward to their assistance in making the firefighters safer throughout the U.S. 
“PES provided a number of new and innovative products at no cost,” said Henry Ritter, President of BR Enterprises. “This is just part of an incredible product line that deals with virus and infection control, and we are proud to represent the PRO1TEK® line. We plan to provide these products to firefighters and markets throughout the U.S. to help with this deadly problem.”  Additionally, these products are also available to the consumer and health care markets.
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About BR Enterprises
BR Enterprises is a Scottsdale, Arizona-headquartered management group that specializes in corporate sales development and corporate management. In addition, the company has a division that specializes in distribution of new and innovative products to specialized market segments.  The company offers innovative ideas to help its clients to grow, to expand their markets and to reach new customers. BR Enterprises offers over 90 years of combined experience in their approach to developing sales channels combined with analysis of current markets, including positioning and pricing. 

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About Priority Environmental Solutions Inc., 
Priority Environmental Solutions, Inc. is an American Indian Women Owned Business headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that specializes in products for infection control and space decontamination. The PRO1TEK®brand is used by the military and will be available to consumers throughout the world and has a multitude of applications, where health, hygiene and safety are of the utmost importance. PRO1TEK®is designed specifically for those places where clean environments are essential to reduce cross-contamination and help break the infection cycle. 

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