Inspector Brophy upon Live Wires.

Inspector Brophy upon Live Wires.

Attendants at the Springfield Convention of the National Association of Fire Engineers may expect 10 hear something interesting upon the subject of electric light and power wires, as will be seen from the following letter to the secretary of the association, which we are permitted to reprint :


(WILLIAM BROPHY, Chief Inspector), (.

BOSTON, MASS., July 4, Henry A. Hills, Esq,, Cincinnati, O.:

DFAR Sir—Your letter of May 22 came duly to hand, but as Chief Leshure and myself had some plans for the convention that were only quite recently matured I have postponed writing you until I could say that I would be at the Springfield convention provided with the necessary apparatus to give the members an object lesson that all can understand and remember. I can only tell the “uninitiated ” not to handle live wires—that they are hot, etc.,—but I can show them those that are hot and those that are not, those that would make one dance and those that would make one drop. Through the kindness of the Thomson-Houston Company of this city, who will kindly loan me what apparatus I shall need, and the United Electric Company of Springfield, who will furnish the current, I shall be enabled to do what has never been done before at one of your conventions, viz.: show this wonderful power in harness and doing its work, and how it can be an untiring and docile servant or a terrible master. I shall be at the convention without fail, and try the patience of the members once more. Very truly yours,

WILLIAM BROPHY, Chief Inspector.

It, lathe duty of city and town authorities to urge tin1: attendance of the chief engineers of their fire departments at the convent ion of the National Associat ion at Springfield, Mass., August, II to 14, and to provide for their expenses.

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