Inspector Killed in Fire Auto Smashup

Inspector Killed in Fire Auto Smashup

W. B. Norton, fire inspector of Macon, Ga., was killed and two other members of the fire department were seriously injured on the morning of September 25, when the car used by the assistant chief turned over and crashed into a telephone pole. The injured are Asst. Chief Victor E. Armstrong, and his driver—the three men involved in the smashup were riding in the chief’s car.

The inspector was riding in the rear and when the pole was struck, he was thrown out so that his head was forced against a brick wall. In addition to the fractured skull, he suffered from a broken leg and bruises; Assistant Chief Armstrong suffered from a broken rib and a collar bone and the driver received cuts all over his body.

The chief’s car and a pumper were on the way in answer to a fire alarm and both of the machines left fire department headquarters at the same time. Both cars reached a certain street intersection at the same time but from different routes, and in order to avoid a collision, the driver of the chief’s car turned in towards the front of the pumper. For some reason the car overturned and crashed into the pole.

The damage from the fire was slight—a quantity of coke on the fourth floor of a cold storage plant had caught on fire—the damage was less than $3,000.

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