Instructors Plan Program For Conference in Atlanta

Instructors Plan Program For Conference in Atlanta

A program keyed to both the training of fire service instructors and their work in training others will be presented at the annual fall conference of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors October 28-31 at Atlanta, Ga. A full day of workshopsalso isincluded.

The instructor training program being developed by the National Fire Academy will be discussed by William Brennan, a training and education specialist on the academy staff. David M. McCormack, superintendent of the National Fire Academy, will report on the academy’s training and education committee, which is composed of 18 persons and the academy superintendent. The committee, formed only a few months ago is directed by law to make recommendations regarding the establishment of an accreditation system for academy training and education programs.

Open university concept

In the area of higher education, Dr. Betty Jo Mayeske will explain the open university concept being considered by the national academy and the International Association of Fire Fighters. She is working full-time on this proposal as project administrator for the IAFF.

Anthony R. Granito, national academy deputy superintendent, will talk about an academy program that is more advanced on the drawing board, the executive development program for fire officers. This is the course that is expected to be among the first to be conducted when the national academy opens its permanent facilities in late ’78 or early ’79.

How to handle incidents involving electricity will be described by George Haggar, fire school director for the Philadelphia Electric Company. Chief Jonny Clayton of New Hope, Ga., and Chief Bob Norton of Lockheed Aircraft will talk about the jetliner crash at New Hope. James S. Hart, director of the Mississippi State Fire Academy, will explain how to develop a training center, and Thomas Wright, NFPCA fire data system director, will talk about the instructor’s role in the collection of data.

Industrial brigades

James Wick of the Du Pont Company, will provide guidelines for evaluating industrial fire brigades, and Dr. Roger E. Alteri, national research director for the Physical Fitness Institute of America, will discuss physical fitness programs. Resources that instructors can use in presenting public fire safety education programs will be described by Trudy Daley, fire safety education director for the Hartford Insurance Company.

Howard D. Tipton, NFPCA administrator, will talk about what the NFPCA plans to do during the next five years, and Assistant Chief Allen Brunacini of Phoenix will define the role of the Fire Service Section of the National Fire Protection Association. Richard Small, director of the Oregon Fire Standards and Accreditation Board, will report on the conclusions of a survey of fire service education needs in the 10th Federal Region.

The conference will open at 9 a.m. Friday, October 28, at the Royal Coach Motor Hotel, and close at noon the following Monday. The ISFSI directors will meet on Thursday prior to the conference. The hosts for the conference are the Georgia Fire Academy, Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs and Georgia State Firemen’s Association.

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