Insurance Men Honor Chief Sloan

Insurance Men Honor Chief Sloan

Open house was held at the Central Fire Station, Sioux Falls, S. D., by the insurance men of that city, to honor the thirtieth anniversary of Chief William A. Sloan as a member of the Fire Department.

The apparatus was parked on the approach to the station so that tables could be set for the buffet luncheon. Between five and six hundred persons attended.

Mayor George W. Burnside praised the work of Chief Sloan. It was pointed out that while the average per capita fire loss throughout the country was in excess of four dollars, in Sioux Falls it was $1.33. Following the talks, the Chief was presented with a purse containing fifty five-dollar gold pieces.

Chief W. A. Sloan From a photograph taken shortly after his appointment

When the program was concluded, the guests inspected the fire apparatus in front of the station and the firemen demonstrated the use of some of the equipment.

The Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce railed on Chief Sloan and extended their congratulations for his service to the city. He was recipient of many congratulations from friends who called all day long, and letters from those who could extend personal felicitations.

Chief Sloan joined the department in 1893 when it was a volunteer organization. In 1901 he became affiliated with the paid department as a driver of horse-drawn equipment.

Officials Guests of City Firemen—City officials of Pacific Grove, Cal., were guests of members of the Fire Department at a ham and bean dinner. New apparatus has been delivered from San Francisco.

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