Important Resolutions Adopted—Nine State Firemen’s Associations Represented—Practical Addresses and Paper Read and Discussed—New Officers Elected

WITH a large attendance and with nine state firemen’s associations represented, the National Firemen’s Association held its twenty-sixth annual convention at Lima, Ohio, on May 20 to 22. Two important resolutions were adopted at the convention. One, that the National Firemen’s Association go on record in favor of establishing firemanic scholarships in the leading universities of the respective states, and another that it be brought to the attention of the fire apparatus manufacturers that a standard for the proper distance of fire ladder rungs be adopted. At the present time, the resolution stated, no two manufacturers build ladders alike.

Addresses Made at the Convention

Several practical addresses were made. H. E. Fritz, of the Ohio State University delivered a good address on “Chemical Fire Hazards” and the discussion of his talk consumed nearly three hours’ time.

C.S. Magruder, assistant state fire marshal of Ohio, spoke on the subject on “Arson” and this paper was—also very generally discussed.

(Note—Excerpts from Mr. Magruder’s paper are published in this week’s issue on page 1261.—EDITOR.)

D.A. Price of the Department of Agriculture of Washington, D. C., delivered an address on “Dust Explosions.” This talk was along practical and technical lines and was illustrated with lantern slides and moving pictures. The two other speakers were Charles H. Whitney, who gave a practical talk on “Fire Department Drills and Training,” with actual demonstrations and Leon L. Wolf, of Cincinnati, Ohio. The two latter addresses and the discussions on them occupied one whole day’s time.

E.J. Smith, of the Underwriters’ Laboratories of Chicago and A. B. Frenier, of the Illinois Nokol Company, also spoke on “Domestic Oil Burners and their Installation.”

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National Firemen’s Convention

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The former spoke from the standpoint of the underwriters and the latter from that of the manufacturers. Several of the members of the association spoke on the subject also.

New Officers Elected

The officers elected for the ensuing year were:

Assistant Chief James Crapo, Chicago, Ill., president.

Chief Wm, H. Hansen, Manistee, Mich., vice-president. Capt. J. E. Mersch, Evanston, I11., secretary.

Assistant Chief Edward H. Shearwood, Cincinnati, Ohio, treasurer.

Simon Keilerman, Jr., Edwardsville, Ill., statistician.

Harold B. Nichols, Binghamton, N. Y., organizer.

The choosing of the city and date of the next convention was left in the hands of the executive committee and, according to Secretary Mersch, any cities desiring to entertain the convention next year should send their invitations to the president or secretary within the next month.

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