ON August to, 11, 12, and 13. the International Association of Fire Engineers will hold its twenty-fourth annual convention at Salt Lake City, Utah, under the presidency of F. J. Roulett,chief of the fire department of Augusta, Ga., D. C, Larkin, of Dayton, O., treasurer, Henry A. Hills, of Wyoming, O., secretary, with the following executive committee, G. W. Taylor of Richmond, Va., James C. Baxter. Jr., of Philadelphia, T.W.Haney, of Jacksonville, Fla., A. J. Kennedy, New Haven, Conn., R. Kiersted, Newark, N. J., L. M. Jones, of Macon, Ga., E W. Fiske, Mount Vernon, N. Y.

The Topics and Assignments are as follows:

I owe No. I.—”How are private fire departments to be properly organized, drilled, and made a useful adjunct to city lire departments?” Herbert Heston, fire marshal, 1’. R. R. Company.

TOPIC NO. 11.—”The best and safest plan for fighting fires in grain elevators.” P. R. Fennell, chief fire department, Winona, Minn.; F. L. Stetson, chief fire department, Minneapolis.

TOPIC NO. hi.—”The necessity of fire departments adapting themselves to the new order of things—high buildings, all glass and no partition walls, large floor space demanded by the present way of conducting business, overhead wires, ait machinery that comes in contact with them should be grounded in construction, more effective chemical engines, more force, larger capacity for inside work.” J. D. Paige, chief fire department, Joliet. III.

TOPIC NO. iv.—-“Should not tool wagons for carrying extra appliances be adopted in all fire departments having these extras, instead of loading same on the fire engines?” |. A. Archibald, chief fire department. Cincinnati, O.

TOPIC NO. v.—-“Should not a municipality give to the fire chief the authority to control the setting of poles and string ing of wires of telephone, telegraph, and electric street railway companies?” Geo. Knofilock, chief fire department, Mansfield, O. ^

TOPIC NO. vj.—”What should be the necessary qualifications of a chief of fire department?”

TOPIC NO. Vii.—”Some dangers to be apprehended from the transformer system of electric lighting. Should cities with a population of 75,000 and over organize and maintain an efficient electrical bureau to supervise new and old insulations of electric wires, motors, and generators for the better protection of life and property?” Capt. Wm. Brophy, Boston, Mass; Wm. McJDevitt, Philadelphia, Pa.; Morris W. Mead, Pittsburgh.

TOPIC NO. viii.—“ Do town and city authorities realize the dangers of electrolysis due to imperfect return conductors of street railways?” Same committee as Topic No. 7.

TOPIC NO. ix.—” How can the modern tall buildings be best protected by the fire department?” S. Brentano, New York city.

TOPIC NO. x.—•** Local fire insurance agent. His relative position to the chief of the fire department.” J. A. Crawford, chief fire department, Benton Harbor, Mich.

TOPIC NO. XI.-“ Benefit of drill schools for firemen.” FOR DISCUSSION.

“ In view of our approaching Twenty-fifth Anniversary, should it not be the sense of th: Association that the convention assemble in the city of Baltimore, Md.,in 1897, and there carefully review, in the cradle that gave us birth, our past course of action and success?”

It is hoped that every one interested, attending the Salt


Lake convention, will go prepared to discuss these topics, as the interchange of views will bring out much of real value to all fire departments.

News from Salt Lake City is to the effect that everything promises well for a good convention. A large number of exhibitors have already shipped their goods, and many others have likewise engaged space. In fact, the exhibits will be at least as good as, if not better than any previous convention has been.

The headquarters of the association will be at the Knutsford hotel.

The following letter of invitation has been sent round to the fire chiefs, fire commissioners, superintendents of insurance patrols, the press, and all city officials in general:

“Salt Lake City, July 12, 1896; Gentlemen: You are extended a cordial invitation to be present with your ladies at the convention of the International Association of Fire Engineer, that meets in our city August 10. We can, assure you that nothing will be left undone by our people to make your visit here one of pleasure and profit to you. An interesting program for your enter’ainraent is now in course of preparation, and everything indicates a pleasant and successful meeting. Louis Cohn, chairman committee of arrangements. Geo. F. Felt, secretary.”

The Provincial board of health has ordered the city of Windsor, Ont., to put in a filtering system at Windsor, or to extend the works to Askins point above the city.

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