Permanent Exhibition Offers Great Opportunities for Manufacturers and Affords Municipal Buyers Chance to View Most Approved Apparatus and Appliances in Their Fields

ANNOUNCEMENT has just been made of the complete plans for the International Municipal Exposition which is to be opened shortly at Grand Central Palace, New York City.

Manufacturers of all kinds of equipment bought by municipalities for use in connection with their water supply and fire service are particularly interested in this novel venture because it presents the first opportunity that has ever been afforded for reaching municipal buyers from all parts of the world. The working of the plan is interesting, placing, as it does, t_____e backing of the largest corporation of its kind, worth many millions, at the disposal of the smallest manufacturer.

The Merchants and Manufacturers Exchange of New York, which operates the Grand Central Palace and is directly responsible for the International Municipal Exposition, is owned and controlled by the Nemours Trading Corporation, of which Alfred I. duPont is president. This corporation not only has representatives throughout the United States, but maintains nineteen branch offices and some three thousand selling agencies scattered throughout the world.

Manufacturers who exhibit their products at the exposition will have at all times the full co-operation of this world-wide organization. Preference on all sales will naturally be given to exhibitors. Foreign shipments will be handled entirely by the export department of the Nemours Trading Corporation, so that the manufacturer has nothing to do but make delivery in this country—and collect his money from the Nemours Corporation. Sounds simple—and with a trained organization and millions of dollars behind the idea, assurance is given that it will be simple.

Fifty thousand square feet of space, one entire floor of Grand Central Palace, is to be devoted to this permanent Municipal Exposition. The exhibits will include, besides water supply and fire protection equipment, all that pertains to light. power, health, education, policing, amusement and other city departments. The entire exposition will be of such interest and educational value as to attract the attention of state and city officials from far and wide. Members of chambers of commerce, mayors, municipal engineers, department heads, and other officials, it is practically certain, will be frequent visitors. Wherever questioned they say they have long felt urgent need for some such clearing house as this, where buyer and seller could get in touch under favorable auspices.

Grand Central Palace, New York, Where International Municipal Exposition is to be Held

The director of this exposition is Miss Jeanne Carpenter, the well-known muncipal expert, whose book, “Municipal Housecleaning,” is so favorably known. She is recognized today as the leading authority in municipal work and her years of experience in this country and abroad give assurance of a big success for the present undertaking. Fully as important, however, is the backing of the Nemours Trading Corporation and the enthusiastic support of city officials, chambers of commerce, etc.

Manufacturers desiring to reserve exhibition space should communicate at once with the exposition officials at Suite 421, 405 Lexington avenue, New York City.


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