International Officers Visit Boston

International Officers Visit Boston

Chief Charles J. Brennan, San Francisco, Cal., President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs; Chief Robert Bogan. Baton Rouge, La., First Vce-President; Jay W. Stevens, Executive Secretary, and State Fire Marshal of California; and Chief Peter Steinkellner, Milwaukee. Wis., visited Boston, Mass., after attending the meeting of the Board of Directors of the International Association in New York City.

Chief Daniel B. Tierney, of Arlington, Mass., Second Vice-President, who extended the invitation to Boston, and George E. Morley, of the Gamewell Company, accompanied the party from New York.

During their Boston visit the Chiefs were shown points of historic interest, including the State House, the old North Church, Bunker Hill Monument, the route of Paul Revere, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

A tour of inspection was made to Boston Fire Alarm Headquarters in The Fenway, from where the Chiefs were taken to Brookline and shown two fire stations by Chief Selden R. Allen, Past President of the International Association. The lighting truck, service truck, emergency boat, and other special items of equipment in the Brookline Fire Department were viewed with much interest by the Chiefs.

The trip continued to Arlington, where Chief Tierney showed his guests the apparatus and quarters in the Central and Highland Stations.

I. A. F. C. Officers Visit Boston L. to R., Seated—Chief Charles J. Brennan, San Francisco, President, International Association of Fire Chiefs, and Chief David David H. DeCourcy, Winchester, Mass., President, New England Association of Fire Chiefs, Standing—Chief Daniel B. Tierney Arlington Mass., Second Vice-President I. A. F. C.: Jay W. Stevens, State Fire Marshal of California and Executive Secretary, I. A. F. C.: Chief Peter Steinkellner, Milwaukee, Wis., Director, Great Lakes Division, I. A. F. C. and Chief Robert Bogan, Baton Rouge. La., Second Vice-President, I. A. F. C.

Chief Brennan visited St. Stephen’s Church in Boston, where his mother and lather were married and also the house in which his parents lived in Boston many years ago, before they moved to the Pacific coast.

George Morley, of the Gamewell Company, played host to the Chiefs at a luncheon in the Parker House in Boston on Saturday, February 15, and in the evening of the same day the officers of the New England Association of l ire Chiefs tendered a banquet at the same hotel in honor of the International officers. Valentine place cards and decorations adorned the table.

Those present at the luncheon were: Chief Charles J. Brennan. San Francisco, President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs; Jay W. Stevens. State Fire Marshal of California and Executive Secretary of the I.A.F.C.; Chief Daniel B. Tierney. Arlington. Mass., Second Vice-President; Chief Robert Bogan, Baton Rouge. La., First Vice-President Chief Peter Steinkellner, Milwaukee, Wis.; Chief Selden R. Allen, Brookline. Mass., Past President. I.A.F.C.; George O. Mansfield. Chief Fire Inspector. of the Fire Marshal’s Division, Massachusetts Department of Public Safety; William J. McAuliffe, Special Agent, National Board of Fire underwriters; Charles Madden, aide to Chief Allen; George E. Morley and John J. Ryan, of the Gamewell Company: George F. Cobb, State Commissioner of Firemen’s Relief in Massachusetts: and Harry Belknap, Press Representative, New England Association of Fire Chiefs.

There were no speeches at the luncheon, but at the banquet in the evening many stories and reminiscences were related. Chief David H. DeCourcy, of Winchester, Mass., President of the New England Association, acted as toastmaster. Thirty-six persons attended the dinner.

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