Inveniemus Viam Aut Faciemus

Inveniemus Viam Aut Faciemus

On the Memorial Gateway of the University of Pennsylvania is inscribed that motto: “We shall find a way or we shall make one.”

The Sentiment may well be the escutcheon of the modern fire fighter.

Today’s fireman faces problems of scientific fire control and extinguishment beyond the worst nightmares of his forefathers. Problems that multiply with the widening electronic, chemical and atomic applications; that spell wholesale danger to life and property. (Read the editorial in this January issue.)

How and where is he to be schooled and trained in these hazards and the proper methods of coping with them?

One answer is to study FIRE ENGINEERING. For over 80 years it has helped fire fighters to take and face up to fire control and extinguishment problems as they develop— and to anticipate some of them.

In the months ahead, FIRE ENGINEERING’S readers will find editorial and advertising content tuned in on these perplexing problems of the day—and the morrow.

Keep your copies at hand for ready reference. And suggest that your fellow fire fighters do likewise.

A subscriber – fire – fighter says, “we take FIRE ENGINEERING for every one of our fire stations. It is our favorite source of information pertaining to our job.”

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