A fire hose stop and drain valve invented by H. C. Bowlus, of Springfield, Ohio, was recently successfully demonstrated before Fire Chief Samuel Hunter, president of the Ohio Fire Chiefs Club, at Springfield. The need of such a valve has long been felt, and the results of the demonstration shoud prove of interest to all firemen.

The purpose of the Bowlus stop and drain valve is to facilitate the work of the firemen at all fires. Rapid changing of nozzles, connection of extra lengths of hose, quick ladder climbing and hurried access to all blades are a few of the important results that were proven at the Springfield demonstration. Chief Hunter, commenting on the new device, says: “This valve will prove valuable to all firehouses and most certainly provide the means necessary to serve to reduce the time consumed in making the various hose changes in fighting fires.”

The valve is connected between the fire hydrant and the fire and is provided with a wrench at the shut-off valve for the purpose of shutting off the water from the particular hose where a change is desired. This is an essential feature, because it is not necessary to shut the water off at the hydrant and prevent other lines from playing on the blaze. When the water is shut off between the valve and the nozzle all water drains out of the hose, thereby giving the firemen an opportunity to move to other positions, or up ladders with a light hose instead of a water filled hose.

The results of the time consumed in shutting off water, making a complete change of nozzle, removing one length of hose and reattaching nozzle and turning water on again showed that it took fifteen seconds to do this.

It is the intention to manufacture this valve with one and two line connections. The special feature in the two way valve will be the ability to have only one or both lines playing on the fire, or if desirable both lines might be shut off and any other lines conected from the hydrant can continue to deluge the blaze.

Mr. Bowlus will demonstrate the device before the state convention of the Ohio State Fire Chiefs Club, June 6.

Information will be forwarded to interested parties if the name of this journal is mentioned.

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