Iowa Section Discusses Small Town Problems

Iowa Section Discusses Small Town Problems

The tenth annual meeting oi the Iowa Section, American Water Works Association, was held at Iowa City. Ia., on November 6 to 8. This section embraces membership in the states of Iowa. Nebraska. Missouri and South Dakota. The headquarters of the meeting were at the New Chemistry Building. Much more attention than heretofore in meetings of this section was paid to the work of the superintendent and especially to the small town problems. In the round table discussions the work of the superintendent was considered to the exclusion of all other topics.

There were three papers which were devoted to the treatment of water. These were as follows: Treatment of Railroad Supplies, by C. R. Knowles. Illinois Central Railway; Results in Operating the Softening Plant at Topeka, Kans., by N. T. Veatch, Jr., and Water Purification Equipment for Small Towns, by H. V. Pedersen. A suggestion by Mr. Pedersen was that in the case of small towns it would be wiser to purify the waters of available streams than continue the use of ground water, which in many ways was unsatisfactory and also sometimes polluted. Mr. Higgins also spoke on the small town problems. He referred to attempted legislation, at the time unsuccessful, to allow the use of special assessment for the purpose of financing the laying of water mains. The subjects of the small town problems were discussed at some length by the members, following the reading of these papers.

During the convention there were read seventeen papers. Many of these were of a practical nature and were freely discussed by the men of the section. There were also three motion picture talks on water works subjects.

Reference was made to the Water Works Manual of the Association by W. W. DeBerard, who told of the progress already made by committee of the Standardization Council having the matter in charge. He said that some 75 topics had been assigned and other subjects are to he taken care of through the means of the questionnaire.

At the election of officers for the ensuing year the follow ing were chosen: Chairman. Max Levine; vice-chairman, >H. V. Knouse; directors. N. T. Veatch. Jr., and J. W. Me Evoy. and secretary. Jack J. Hinman, Jr., (re-elected) Iowa state board of health, Iowa City.

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