Is Your List Complete?

Is Your List Complete?

EARING your hair won’t help to make out that list of “Presents I Must Give.” It is always hard to know

just what to give, but here is a suggestion that may help:

A Present Every Week

  • Why not share with your friends and associates the pleasure and benefit you derive from the reading of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING? Let them, too, enjoy the weekly visits of this inspiring little magazine. The cost amounts to only cents per issue, $4 for the entire year— and it will be worth many times that in new ideas and new inspiration.

Turn to Page 1291—this issue

  • The coupon is for your convenience in grasping this opportunity to make a really worth-while Christmas present. No water works or fire department official should be without the weekly visits of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING.

Go ahead, tear out the lil’ coupon and see if we care!

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