ISFSI Gets AFG Grant to Develop Training on Modern Fire Research

The International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) announces that they are the recipients of a 2014 Department of Homeland Security AFG grant to develop and deliver curriculum using the modern fire behavior research of the last two years.

The Society will work with industry experts to finalize the development of an 8-hour Principles of Modern Fire Attack curriculum to launch in the fall of 2014. In addition, the Society will offer a minimum of 100 free classes nationwide with a target audience of over 10,000 fire service professionals.  

ISFSI President Steve Pegram stated, “The ISFSI is very excited to receive its third year of funding from the Assistance to Firefighters Grant program. In 2013 and 2014, AFG funding was used to partner with NIST, Spartanburg Fire, and the South Carolina Fire Marshal’s Office to conduct live fire experiments to research and prove or disprove how fire reacts to different fire attack models as well as the use of thermal imaging camera’s during size up. The research created a huge bank of information for the fire service to use but no real method to disseminate the information to the fire service. This latest grant will allow the ISFSI along with partners at NIST and UL to create a curriculum for the fire service called ‘Principles of Modern Fire Attack.’ The first part of the ‘Principles of Modern Fire Attack’ program was launched in August of 2014 in a short video showcasing SLICE-RS (more about which can be learned HERE.) It is viewable at the ISFSI YouTube page and available for sale in CD format at It is our hope that by compiling the best lessons learned from the fire dynamics research fire departments will be able to adjust their policies, tactics and training to create a safer environment for the fire service as well as the people we serve in our communities.”


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