Islip’s Tournament.

Islip’s Tournament.

The newly organized Islip, L. I., Town Firemen’s Association has elected officers as follows: John N. Fraser, president; Julius Hauser, secretary and treasurer; Smith Wright, W. K. Post and John Daggett, trustees. It has been decided to hold the first annual tournament in Islip village on June 20.

The following rules have been adopted to govern the contest:

  1. All companies entering for prizes shall be members of the Islip Town Firemen’s association and shall have joined and paid dues prior to June 1, 1894.
  2. No person shall join in the run or assist in any contest unless he shall have started with the hook and ladder truck or hose cart at beginning of contest or run.
  3. Any fireman not taking part in the parade or falling out of line before the finish of the parade shall be debarred from competing for any prize.
  4. All firemen contesting must be members of the department from which or for which they contest for at least thirty days prior to the contest and must also be a legal resident of the village or fire district to which the company is attached.
  5. All judges, timers and measurers who are to serve at any tournament shall be appointed by the department in the village where the tournament is held.
  6. Hose companies must carry 350 feet of hose.
  7. In all contests no allowance shall be made for accidents.
  8. Judges’ decision shall be final, but shall be governed by the average time of three official timers.

Hook and ladder contest—The distance to be run with a fully equipped truck to be too yards to hydrant, form bucket line to stationary ladder of 25 feet in height and fill barrel on top of structure. Time to be called when water runs from spout in the barrel.

Hose contest—Run 50 yards, lay 200 feet of hose, break couplings, screw on pipe, put water on target, then exchange end lengths of hose and put water on target again. Time will be taken when water strikes target the second time.

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