It Doesn’t Pay!

It Doesn’t Pay!

KNOCKING invariably proves a boomerang. It doesn’t pay to knock the little fellow, because he is smaller and weaker than you are, any more than it pays to knock the big fellow just because he is bigger and stronger.

  • FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING has alTjj ways stood out four-square for fair play, feeling that there was enough work to be done to keep all of us busy and happy.
  • At Atlanta

  • We were greatly interested, therefore, to have so many of our readers and advertisers tell us when we met them down at Atlanta recently how fully they approve our stand on recent matters of general interest to the field.
  • Nine times out of ten the knocker does more harm to himself than to the unsuspecting pecting target of his attack, and there is ample evidence to prove the value of cutting out all this sort of bunk and junk.
  • There is no place in the columns of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING for it, and we are glad our readers don’t want it.

Thank you.

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