Its Water Gradually Rising.

Its Water Gradually Rising.

A party of explorers has just returned from the Salton Sea district in Arizona, and it is evident from their report that the new inland sea is here to stay. When the water first came into the old dry bed it was said by scientists that it was only a temporary affair which came periodically and which would go away as soon as the sun had full play upon the water. For some weeks there was no perceptible increase of the water and then it began to recede, and the scientists in question felt proud of their predictions and saw them verified.

The report of the men who have just returned, however, takes from the glory of those who thought they knew all about it. The report says that the sea is not only still there, but it is increasing. The water is gradually rising and, notwithstanding the constant evaporation which is going on, the sea now has an area of many miles greater than it had when it was first formed. The water is steadily advancing, and it will not be long at the present rate before the whole surface of the old bed will be covered many feet deep by the salt water.

There is undoubtedly some underground connection with the ocean, for the water is coming in much faster than the small stream connecting it with New River and the Colorado would warrant. The water is intensely salt and has that peculiar acrid taste of the sea water. The party which has just returned made a trip clear around the sea and saw no place where there was any indication that the water was from the rivers, except at the place where the break was first made.

They think they discovered a place where the ocean water came through the earth, as there was a constant boiling of the water in the sea. It is now believed that this country will be redeemed by the formation of the sea, and it will be of vast benefit to the mining industry of the country.

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