The city has just completed a public school building at a cost of about $30,000, including the lot. The building will accommodate over 400 pupils. It is heated and ventilated by the Smeads heating and ventilating system, with the Smeads dry closet system attached.

The Light, Heat and Water Company of this city is now putting in a water works plant. There will be double pumps of 2,000,000 gallons daily capacity, eight miles of street mains, eighty fire hydrants, three public drinking fountains and one ornamental fountain. The contractors, Moffett, Hodgkins & Clarke, of Watertown, N. Y., who are represented by E. H. Burlingame, expect to complete the works in about seventy-five days from December 20. The “ intake ” is nearly finished, and a large quantity of material Is on hand. E. C. Carroll is the engineer representing the company. The city is to pay $60 a year for each hydrant.

A contract has been made with the Jenney Electric Light Company of Indianapolis for lighting the city with thirty-five arc lamps of 2000 candle-power for street lighting, at a cost of $110 per lamp a year, to be lighted on moonlight schedule and when moon is obscured by clouds. The lights are to be ready by February 28 next, at latest. The company is now getting in the material for the plant, which has been sold to a local corporation. B. J.

JACKSON, MISS., December 24.

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