Jacksonville Has Fire College

Jacksonville Has Fire College

Chief W. Q. Dowling has inaugurated a Fire College for instruction of the Jacksonville, Fla., department here.

Under the guidance of Drillmaster A. E. Erwin, officers are taking a course of study in the fine points of effective fire control, fire fighting, rescue work and first aid. Once they have completed the courses, they will serve as sub-instructors while all members attend the school.

Chief W. Q. DowlingJacksonville Drill Tower

A vital part of the college is the re-

cently completed $7,000 fire tower, which is a six-story brick building.

It is equipped with a standpipe, with hose connections on the first, third and sixth floors. On the fourth floor is a smoke room. Also on the floor is a sprinkler system.

The tower is situated on city property, adjacent to the quarters of Engine Company No. Eight.

Instruction is divided into manual evolutions and class room work. The former includes ladder evolutions, hose evolutions, hose and ladder evolutions, minor equipment evolutions, salvage cover evolutions, knots and hitches, gas mask drills, rescue work, and problem evolutions.

Included in the class room subjects are fire apparatus and water supply; hose, nozzles and the like, ladders and their uses, minor equipment, chemical extinguishers, first aid, inspections, lire prevention and public relations; attack, control and extinguishment; salvage and ventilation; exposures, overhauling and pickup.

Chief Dowling is watching the school with interest, noting its effect on personnel.

Drillmaster Erwin is a graduate of the Detroit, Mich., Training School and has visited most of the outstanding schools in the east and middle west.

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