ONE of the representative manufacturing concerns of the West is the extensive house of James B. Clow & Son, of Chicago, Ill., and New Philadelphia, O. Mr. James B. Clow has been in the business of manufacturing plumbers, gas and steam fitters’ supplies for thirty years, and has earned a most enviable position in these trades. For fourteen years the firm has been in Chicago, prior to that time the business being carried on at Pittsburg under the name of J. B. Clow. While in that city he was a manufacturer of wrought iron pipe. In the early years of the business in Chicago, Mr. W. E. Clow travelled all over the United States in the interests of the firm and later represented them in Europe and on account of their business has crossed the Atlantic ten times. In bis travels through this country, England, France and Cermany, his particular attention was called to the fact that the water works companies, not only in America, but in foreign countries, obtained their supplies from various manufacturers, and in no country did he find any single concern equipped to furnish everything required in the construction and operation of a water works plant. Believing that it would be advisable to make a special department devoted to the water works interests, the firm about seven years ago decided to open such a department and since that date has devoted a great deal of time and money to the advancement of this particular interest and to-day the firm stands as the only one in the world manufacturing and dealing in every article used in the construction and operation of a water works plant.

During this time they purchased a large pipe foundry and have become agents for the same, and of the leading manufacturers in the United States. They now represent the Eddy Valve Company and carry a complete stock of Eddy and American Valves and Eddy Hydrants. They have for a number of years represented the Mersey Manufacturing Company, and carry in stock Mersey and Disc Meters. The furnaces and tools required in laying water pipes are manufactured by the firm and shipped from the Atlantic to the Pacific. So generally are their furnaces used that, although there were seven crews operating in Indianapolis at one time working for different companies, on one day seven of these furnaces were run ning on one corner. They have been used, not only by water and gas works, but by the natural gas companies throughout the country.

The water works department is now in charge of Mr. Frank F. Fisher. The firm is represented at water works lettings by Mr. M. W. Welles, and the numerous 1 ravelling men of the firm visit every city in which there is a water works, from Ohio to the Pacific Coast.

Their aim has always been to furnish the very best materials at reasonable prices. They do not cater for the first order of a water works, never expecting to sell them again, but they desire that after having sold a water works their first order they will continue to be customers. It has been through careful attention to the requirements of their customers and the knowledge gained from years of experience, that they have been so successful in largely increasing their business.

The new catalogue just issued, will be of great value to the water works superintendents and if, in its distribution, they have missed any of their friends, if they will write, the firm will be glad to see that they r.re supplied with what is considered the most complete catalogue ever issued in this line of business. It is the desire of the firm to have the catalogue in the office of every water works in the country.

THE FIRM OF J. B. CLOW & SON, CHICAGO. 1. James B. Clow. 2. H. B. Clow. 3. W. E. Clow. 4. James M. Johnson. 5. Charles R. Clow.

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