In Case You Missed It: January 2015 Fire Engineering Features

This month, our weekly Humpday Hangout chat series broke out into four topic-based programs, the archives of which can be found below. We also have several new drills from the guys at Traditions Training, training scenarios from Skip Coleman, and building construction features from Greg Havel.

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Bill Gustin      

Video: Hoseline Ops in Multiple Dwellings

Miami-Dade (FL) Captain Bill Gustin discusses hoseline operations for multiple dwellings. Thanks to Palm Beach County (FL) Fire Rescue for sharing this presentation.



Laddering Upper Floors

Ashburn (VA) Volunteer Fire and Rescue Assistant Chief Kyle Stephens offers this new Traditions Training drill that shows the step-by-step procedure that will assist in accurate ladder placement on the first attempt despite any fireground obstacle.


Training Bulletin: VES      

Training Bulletin: VES

VES is a quick, single-room search and rescue technique firefighters can use to search for and remove victims that can’t get out. Alex Langbell reviews some aspect of this tactic.



Stepping Up: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Even when corrective action is initiated in a professional manner, subordinates may be embarrassed or angry, sometimes for a long time, writes Ron Hiraki.


EAPs and Mental Health      

EAPs and Mental Health

Bobby Halton and Erich Roden talk to Frank Ricci, P.J. Norwood, and Jim Rascati about employee assistance programs (EAP) and mental health issues for firefighters.



Construction Concerns: Postindicator Valves

In his new Construction Concerns, Gregory Havel discusses these valves which are commonly used as the valve operator for automatic fire sprinkler and standpipe systems.



How Well Do You Know Your Meters? Part 2

Metering has become an integral part of being a firefighter; just about every run to which we respond involves some type of hazmat situation, writes Kevin Yoos.


Drills: The Survival Essentials      

Drills: The Survival Essentials

This next series of firefighter training drills from Forest Reeder focuses on developing firefighter survival skills.



Humpday Hangout: Issues and Challenges

Bobby Halton and Erich Roden talk to Rick Lasky and John Salka about a recent rescue in Milwaukee, searching without a hoseline, Ray McCormack’s recent article on “Loss of Skill,” and much more.

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The Professional Volunteer Fire Department, Part 18 – Delivering the Drill

Remember, the training ground is the time to identify your department’s strengths and weaknesses. Repetition is one of the best ways to train to a competent level, writes Thomas A. Merrill.


The Louver Cut      

Drill: The Louver Cut

This drill from Kyle Stephens looks at the “louver cut” and some advantages to this type of roof cut.



Stress: The Silent Killer

Even during a “normal” duty tour during which no emergency response actions are being undertaken, personnel serving in stations situated in hot climate regions can be exposed to the phenomena, writes George H. Potter.



Fast Food Restaurant Fire Sim      

What Would You Do? Fast Food Restaurant Fire

Skip Coleman presents a new fire training simulation, this one centered on a fast food restaurant.




The Loss of Skill

Some of the new tactics and tools advocated for the modern fire environment may diminish invaluable firefighting skills, Ray McCormack writes.




Fire and Emergency Services Comparative Analysis

When planning… it’s important for a chief to compare a range of statistical measurements with neighboring departments, writes Mark Wallace.



Humpday Hangout: Focus on the Fireground      

Focus on the Fireground

Bobby Halton turns the reins over to Mike Dugan, who speaks this week with Dan Shaw of Traditions Training and Sacramento (CA) Captain Chris Costamagna.

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It’s All About the Experience

Frank Ricci, Justin McCarthy, and P.J. Norwood offer indespensible advice on how to be the best fire service customer representative your department could hope for.



Harness the Power of Applied Fire Service Research

Don’t be intimidated by applied research. Embrace it as a tool to help you solve some of your most complex, adaptive problems, writes Dan Kerrigan.


Humpday Hangout      

Humpday Hangout: Training

Bobby Halton talks to Aaron Heller and Steve Pegram about walking the walk when providing fire service training and more.

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Older Wood Frame Building      

What Would You Do? Older Wood Frame Building

This fire occurs in an older, two-story wood-frame home. Skip Coleman offers a new fire training simulation.


Mass Violence Post-Response Operations      

Mass Violence Post-Response Operations

This free training program from the Firefighters Support Foundation addresses the preparation for and execution of the operations that need to happen in the days, week, and months that follow a mass-violence event.


Drill: Vertical Fire Travel      

Drill: Vertical Fire Travel

Vertical fire spread can quickly make a “one-room job” escalate to a multiple alarm fire. Doug Mitchell discusses aspects of locating potential avenues for vertical fire spread.


What Will You Do in 2015?      

What Will You Do in 2015?

New year, new beginnings, new opportunities to grow, share, and serve. Check out a new one from Paul Combs, including a printable download. .

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